Goal Setting: December 1st


Where has the time gone? In only 30 more days, 2015 will be coming to an end and we’ll beginning day 1 of 365. In the back of your head, maybe you’re thinking about waiting until January 1st to start your “new year new you” plan that you start every year… But why wait? It’s December 1st and it’s the perfect time to set some goals (whether they are nutrition based, training based, or overall life goals .. or all three) and end 2015 on a positive note.

For December, I am going to come up with 3 goals for 3 areas of my life: nutrition, training, and life goals. These are my BHAGs- as my coach likes to call them my “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” These are the three areas of my life that i want to focus on throughout the month of December.

Here are some tips and thoughts that i have for you if you want to create  your own big hairy audacious goals:

  1. Think. Take some time and actually THINK about what you want and what you want to work on. Think about the next month and the important things you have going on in your life for the next 31 days.
  2. Write them down. By writing them down (i write mine on index cards) you will be able to visualize and commit to your goals. You won’t  experience those “what were those things you wanted to do-what were they again?” feels about two weeks from now. It is so much easier to commit to something that you have written down on paper and can look at.
  3. Make them measurable. You want to eat more vegetables? Okay… But how will you measure that? Try making your goal to eat 3 servings of vegetables per day.
  4. Be realistic. You aren’t going to lose 10 lbs in a month and if you aren’t going to the gym 2x a week now theres no way you’re going to all of a sudden go 6 days a week. Be realistic and set small goals that you know are within your reach.
  5. Commit to your goals. Hang your goals some where you can see them every morning when you wake up. This well help you start the day on the right foot and in the right mindset to tackle the goals you set for yourself.
  6. Reflect. After December is over, take the time and think about your goals you set for yourself. Did you meet your goals? Were there things you could’ve done better? Think of ways you can improve the next month and also celebrate the goals you were successful with.
  7. Repeat each month.

Setting goals is one things that i find to be very helpful. Whether its creating monthly goals, long and short term goals, or daily goals. It doesn’t matter if you are prepping for a competition, in “off season”, or simply trying to improve your lifestyle through nutrition and training.. Goal setting is one thing that everyone can do, right now, to end 2015 on the right (and positive) foot.

Talk soon,





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