(So much to do, so little time)

I don’t know about you, but somedays i really wonder if I’m the only person who feels like they always have so much to do. I am a full time college student and i work a part time job at OG serving almost 5 days a week. On top of that i still find time to get in my training in 6 days a week.

To top it off, next week is finals week. Which means that A) i have so many last minute projects and tests this week and B) even more exams and presentations due next week.

So how do you find time to juggle school and work while still getting your workouts in? Here are my thoughts.

  1. Write it down. Write down your work schedule, school schedule, assignments, appointments and your gym schedule. I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner that i love.
  2. Choose a Day. Choose a day to prepare for the week. Whether that’s preparing some chicken that is easy to grab and/or go or getting yourself organized for the week ahead. Use this as a time to clean, cook, or organize. This is a great time to prepare you for the week ahead.
  3. Make Lists. For each day of the week, i like to list everything that i have to do for the day. From going to the gym to going to the grocery store. Write down everything you have to do (that way once you do it you can get the satisfaction of checking it off ha)
  4. Prioritize. Put your to dos in order of importance and do the important tasks first.
  5. Plan A Time.  You may find it beneficial to pencil out certain times to do certain activities. If i know that i can only go to the gym at 6 AM on Tuesday then you bet i will have written out 5:15 Wake up and 5:30 Drive to the gym. It seems tedious but i do find it beneficial.
  6. Know Yourself. Don’t plan to go to the gym at 9 pm after a long day of classes and work if you know you won’t end up going. Every tuesday and thursday i don’t make it to the gym until around 8. I know that if i sit on the couch for too long I’m more than likely to skip the gym. If you are a morning person go to the gym in the morning and get the workout in before you start your day.
  7. Focus. If there is a lot of things you need to accomplish, now is not the time to be creeping on social media or staring at the tv. Put your headphones in and do what you need to do.
  8. Be Prepared. Have healthy snacks/beverages/and meals handy that you can grab for a quick bite between the drive from the gym to work. My choices of easier to grab snacks are rice cakes with pb, baby carrots, and a quest bar. I always have a water bottle on hand as well.
  9. You Time. Despite the hustle and bustle, it’s important to have a few minutes to your self. Use this time to have a nice cup of tea or put your feet up. Even if it is only for a few minutes it is still important to remember to relax so you don’t run yourself ragid.
  10. Get Your Sleep. Sleep is crucial. Those all nighters are not benefiting your appetite or  attitude. Personally, if i don’t get enough sleep i am starving the next day and my sleep schedules is messed up for like a week afterwards. Do yourself a favor and schedule your day according so you can still get your much needed rest.
  11. Do Your Best. Some days life is too chaotic and the workout you were supposed to do got put off because of being called into work or a school assignment. That’s okay. Move that workout you missed to your off day or incorporate into another workout. Learn to improvise and rearrange your schedule when needed and you’ll still make those gains in the gym.


Hopefully some of you can find this blog post helpful with those dreaded finals coming up. Even if you aren’t in college i still believe these tips can help you juggle jobs/workouts/and unexpected events that life has at you.

Let me know if you have any more tips that could be helpful (as i will be taking finals next week). Like/comment/subscribe. Please and thank you.

Talk soon,



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