Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone


“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something NEW.” -Brian Tracey

This topic is something that i have been really thinking about over the past week or so. I am the type of person who loves the familiar and who likes having a specific routine. Within our “comfort zones” things feel familiar and relatively stress free. No wonder we like it..right??

Our comfort zone is where we are most comfortable, feel safe, and know well. But if we are constantly living in our comfort zones are we really experiencing life or are we living our lives on autopilot? We all have our routines and if we are following them day in and day out and not trying new things …. how will we grow and improve?

Over the past week, i have faced two similar situations that have made me step outside of my comfort zone. Over social media, i saw two opportunities for bodybuilding sponsorships. The one was Toxic Angelz Bikinis and the other, Dynamic Duo Training (my coaches). Both of which were/are offering sponsorships for the upcoming 2016. I have never entered anything like this before.. why would i? I have never been sponsored, i’ve never placed 1st in a competition and i don’t have a crazy # of social media followers. Then i started to realize something… why not me? Whats stopping me from applying to these sponsorships? The answer was being complacent with my current situation and not stepping outside my comfort zone. So you know what…. I entered.

And then what? Well, i didn’t get top 10 for the Toxic Angelz Bikinis. And you know what… That’s okay. You never know unless you try. You can’t experience something new (thats potentially awesome and really exciting) if you are continuously living life on autopilot and repeating the same routine day in and day out. Whats the worst that can happen? For me, the worst that could happen is that they say no and they choose someone else. You never know unless you try and if you don’t ask the answer is always no.

Perhaps you want to try yoga but you’ve never been to a class and you don’t want to go and look stupid? Grab a friend and head to a class together. Maybe you want to switch from IIFYM to Intuitive Eating but your scared to try something new? The first step is always the hardest and taking just one tiny step can be the start to a new and exciting experience. Maybe you want to make working out a part of your regular routine but you don’t know how? Reach out to someone who can help you, look up reliable information online (a good place to start would be or send me an email and i can give you some ideas). Maybe you want to start competing in bodybuilding competitions? There are so many opportunities just outside your comfort zone. Never be afraid to start or try something new. It could lead you to a new hobby, a new job, or a new relationship that turns out to be something that you love.

If i had never learned to step outside my comfort zone i would never have switched my major from Pre-chiropractic Medicine to Nutrition, i never would’ve began competing in bikini competitions (by far one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done), and/or i never would’ve started this blog… The magic happens just outside your comfort zone. I know it sounds cliche and cheesy but that doesn’t mean that its not true. The most memorable times of your life will be the times you took a risk and challenged yourself in ways you never thought possible.


North Coast Champtionships (5/23/15)Bikini Competitions have been one of the most challenging/rewarding experiences. Wouldn’t have been possible without stepping outside of my comfort zone.

The deadline for the Team Dynamic Duo Training is this coming Sunday, the 20th. Will i get it? Maybe. Maybe not. But instead of wondering “what if” I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone and seeing where this initial step might take me. This would be an amazing opportunity- Coach Eric and Coach Chris are awesome coaches and i am so lucky to have them as coaches. They represent everything a coach should be. Here is a part of the application about why i would like to represent Team DDT as a sponsored athlete (in case you were

As a bikini competitor, not only do you need to have a banging physique but you need to have a great mindset as well. After my last series of shows and some time reverse dieting, I have really taken the time to grow both physically and mentally. It is important to love your body at every stage, whether that’s stage weight or 10 lbs. above. I want to show everyone that they are not defined by the number they see on the scale. I have worked my butt off (or on) to grow my glutes and upper body this off season and I know when I step on stage in 2016 my hard work and dedication will really showcase the gains that I have made.

I would love the opportunity to represent Team DDT because they represent everything that I value and try so hard to be. They are dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable, and use scientific based information to guide and prepare their clients- all based off individualized plans. As someone who has worked with other so called “coaches” who give cookie cutter training and meal plans- I really value coaches who are honest and practice flexible nutrition and overall great coaching. I am hardworking and dedicated in all aspects of my life and when it comes to competition prep I am no different. I will never give anything less than 110% when it comes to my training, cardio, and nutrition.

Another reason why I would love to represent Dynamic Duo Training is because I want to show other competitors that you do not have to be miserable on competition prep. I want to show them that they can get their desired results and be stage ready on a flexible dieting approach. I want them to know that even though contest prep is still difficult at times, IIFYM will allow them to practice moderation and give them the ability to remain social during their 4-6 month contest prep without feeling deprived of the foods they enjoy. I would use my various social media outlets to promote Team DDT and showcase how it is possible to step on stage and place in a top spot using a scientifically based flexible dieting approach. I would love nothing more than to represent the best… And what better person to represent twin coaches than someone who is a twin herself (Twin power)

Okay, so what i want you to take away from this blog post is do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t spend your life asking yourself “what if”. You never know unless you try.

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