“New Year-New You” ?


It’s December 31st… And you know what that means. Tomorrow we will wake up and start our New Years Resolutions.. Whether that’s to “lose weight” or “workout more” and/or so on and so forth… Tomorrow we start fresh.. After all, it’s a new year so that means going full steam ahead into your healthy lifestyle… It’s a “New Year-New You” after all….

Wait, hold that thought… Did you know that only 8% of Americans succeed when it comes to achieving their new years resolutions? And why is this? There are many reasons why setting a new years resolution (NYR) can ultimately be setting you up for failure..and here’s how.

  1. They’re Unspecific. “I want to lose weight” or “i want to save more money” or “i want to exercise regularly”… oh okay…well that’s nice. These typical NYR are vague and don’t tell you how you are going to go about reaching these goals.
  2. They’re Unrealistic. For example- you ate meat all your life and now all of a sudden you want to be a vegetarian. Or, you went to the gym 5X all last year and suddenly you want to go 6x a week. The likelihood of this happening is slim to none and is ultimately setting you up for failure.
  3. Treating a Marathon Like a Sprint. Come the new year, we dive full force into this “new year new us” lifestyle. We want results and we decide we want them fast and now. Losing weight and changing our habits (that took us our entire lives to develop) is NOT going to happen over night and that is something we do not consider when making NYR.
  4. Damaging Our Self- Worth. When we set out to reach these NYR and fail, it can be damaging to our self esteem. Telling ourselves that we do not have enough will power and other negative thoughts can lead to not having faith in ourselves. Thus resulting in another NYR that we do not reach. If you have failed before at achieving previous NYR that can make you feel as though this year will not be any different.
  5. New Years Resolution Failure Rate. Going into the New Years, everyone knows that the likelihood of accomplishing your NYR is slim to none. Many of us see them as a joke. Think of how busy the gym is in January and by the beginning of February the gym is back to normal… That’s because the “New Years Resolutioner’s” have already given up on their resolutions. When the likelihood of failing is so high, it’s hard to give something your full effort and take it 100% seriously.

Now, do not get me wrong.. i am not against setting goals or even reaching for the stars for that matter.. But i am against setting unrealistic NYR that ultimately set us up for failure.

So here is my suggestion to you… Focus on setting realistic and specific goals for yourself and have a plan in place on how you are going to reach those goals. Personally, i prefer setting goals at the beginning of every month ( See my previous post on more specifics about Goal Setting here). It’s going to be January 1st so perfect time… (side note: you do not need a new day, new week, new month, or new year to set goals)

For these goals: i would recommend starting slowly. Instead of charging full speed ahead into a lifestyle change- implement 1 healthy habit a week. For example- During week 1, make sure you are drinking 8 glasses of water a day. The following week, make sure you are eating at least 3 servings of veggies a day. And so on and so forth. Small steps are much easier to maintain and far more likely to be successful than an extreme diet/exercise regime that you will not be able to stick to for the long term. Also, remember that failure is part of the process. For example: One of my Nutrition Goals for December was to limit coffee to one cup a day. And you know what? Most days i really good with this…and some days i didn’t (and had 2 or 3 cups… oops) THAT’S OKAY. If you “fail” at one of the small goals you set for yourself-brush it off. We are human and no one is perfect. Move on and try again- no biggie.

I hope this blog challenges you to say NO to setting a NYR that is unrealistic and unattainable for yet another year in a row. Focus on setting small, realistic goals with specific steps on to reach them. By doing so, the likelihood of you being different person come December 31st, 2016 is way more likely. Say NO to the “New Year-New You” BS and set yourself up for success.


A New 2016 Planner is PERFECT for writing new goals and staying organized

Thanks so much for reading this blog post. Comment below and tell me about some of your old NYR and whether or not they were successful. Please like/share with your friends that you think may find this post helpful.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve,

Talk soon,







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