Full Day Of Eating

So i asked you guys what you wanted to see for today’s post via my other social media outlets (Please follow me if you don’t already- links found in the “Contact Me” section of my blog) and the winner was a Full Day of Eating. Measuring Progress was a close second so keep an eye out for that post coming soon….

As some of you may know, because i reached out to my coach about prepping for a bikini competition in the near future, i recently started tracking my macros again (i was eating intuitively there for a while..). The macros I’m currently working with are 50F, 185C, and 130P. I am currently in the process of finding my maintenance macros so that i can “cut” on the highest macros possible come prep. Please keep in mind that these numbers are what work for ME-that does not mean that you should try to follow these macros or that these will work for you. if you need/want help determining what #s would work for you- feel free to reach out to me via social media or email.

Anyway, back on track…. This is my full day of eating. Maybe this will give you some new meal ideas if you are bored with your current foods or maybe you’re just curious what other people eat all the time (haha I’m curious about what other people eat too- I’m a huge foodie what can i say)

1:00 PM: I train fasted so post workout and my first meal of the day was a chicken, broccoli, and rice bowl. Topped with a serving of mild cheddar cheese and greek yogurt. Mixed a buttermilk ranch packet into the greek yogurt for a yummy ranch dip. On the side was (my current obsession) joseph’s pita chips that i made myself- threw the pita in the oven, cut up, at 350, with spray butter and garlic powder until golden brown. Flipped half away through for even cooking.

4:00 PM: A Chobani Simply 100 Blueberry Crumble Flip with 1 plain rice cake and 1 caramel rice cake topped with salted caramel skippy pb. For the record, i love the chobani simply 100 flips. Great macros. I like the blueberry crumble and the mango cone crisp. I’m not so much a fan of the strawberry chocolate truffle.


My Macro Friendly Go-To Drink at Starbucks

To fill in the cracks while shopping at tarjay- a Venti Americano with 2 pumps of SF Caramel syrup.


13F, 32C, 21P

6:30 PM: Worked up an appetite while shopping so when i got home i had an english muffin. Half was topped with deli chicken breast, a pepperjack laughing cow cheese wedge, and 1 slice of turkey bacon. The other half was topped with a tbsp of caramel almond butter. Major NOMS. Definitely suggest this salty/sweet combination.

8:00 PM: Dinner tonight was spaghetti squash (another current obsession) topped with slow cooker chicken, feta cheese, and some Franks Buffalo sauce. Slow cooker chicken-super easy. Throw chicken boobs in the crock pot with some chicken broth until the chicken is not quite covered, season, and go. Cooks on high for 3.5-4 hours. I seasoned mine with mccormick barbecue seasoning and a ranch packet. Really easy and delicious.

9:45 PM: I always like to end my night with something sweet. So, tonight was one serving of vanilla protein soft serve (let me know if you would like to know the recipe for protein soft serve- its a great, easy, high volume recipe for those with a sweet tooth). Topped with strawberries, golden grahams (my current cereal of choice) and two ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel minis-topped off with fat free reddi whip. All eaten with a sweet frog color-changing spoon of course.


Hopefully you found this type of blog post helpful/interesting. Please “like” this post if you want me to continue doing these types of posts in the future as i continue and begin my bikini prep for the 2016 competition season (I.E. low carb days, refeed days, reverse dieting etc). Also, comment and let me know if there’s any foods you are loving right now that i should give a try.

As always thanks so much for reading and keep checking back,









5 thoughts on “Full Day Of Eating

  1. emilyburnsfitness says:

    Loving your blog girl ! Question! Are you one to eat the same things all week or so you eat like this 1 day and then 2 days eat something different ! I’m more of a simple girl (chicken broccoli and sweet potatoes) and go but Iv started counting my macros and I’m just interested in your insite ! Keep up the great work !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • PBandLaurenKelly says:

      Thanks! I’m really glad you like it! But in regards to your question that depends… Usually I switch things up throughout the week bc things can get kinda boring. But I do get on kicks so I’ll have the same thing for lunch for like 5 days but I’ll switch up my dinner or what not. Hope that helps


  2. Sarah says:

    I’d definitely like to see your protein soft serve recipe. I’m a big fan of doing shredded chicken breasts in the crockpot too- so easy and versatile!


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