“Oh No, I’m sick”…Now What?


As i sit down and try to determine what i want to blog about every week, i try to make my posts something that are relatable to as many individuals as possible. I went to bed Friday night unsure about what i wanted to write about come Sunday… Well, i woke up Saturday morning feeling god awful. I felt achey and fatigued and on top of that having a sore, scratchy throat and a headache. I just felt drained. My first thought initially was to check my temperature and take some medicine so we can get the healing process underway…well, it snowed about 10 inches last night and the bf couldn’t move his car so…. no medicine or temperature check for me. I was also supposed to get my cardio in for the week today…that also did not happen.

This got me thinking…. Getting sick is something everyone can relate to. Everyone, at some point this year, is going to get sick or feel crappy in some way or the other. Whether thats the flu, a cold, food poisoning, etc. If you are reading this blog, chances are you are into fitness and nutrition in some form or another and are curious about what you should do about the gym or your diet when you are feeling under the weather.

Here is my advice on things you shouldn’t and should do to help you get out of the sickness slump and will have you feeling better in no time.


THE GYM: To go or not to go?-that is the question. Well there is no definitive answer but there are a few things to keep in mind. What is wrong with you? Is it just a cold or the flu? Do you feel like going? Will you have a good workout? If you feel like crap, chances are you shouldn’t be in the gym. If you saw someone, in the gym, lifting weights, who’s coughing up a lung and has snot dripping out his nose, looking a hot mess.. what would you be thinking to yourself? Probably that he should’ve stayed home. You wouldn’t want someone else spreading their germs all over the place so consider that before you go into the gym feeling sick yourself. Also, keep in mind that the body needs energy to recover. If you are overworking your body and putting it through a stressful workout, chances are you are not giving your body the opportunity it needs to recover. You have to listen to your body. If you feel like you can handle a workout or you want to “sweat it out”, i would suggest keeping it light. Opt for some light cardio or a bike ride outside (so you aren’t spreading your germs everywhere). And if you feel like you must workout in a gym, wipe down your equipment thoroughly.

“SWEAT IT OUT”: If you opt to not go to the gym but still feel like getting a good sweat in to perhaps help help with your congestion or other symptoms, go sit in a sauna, steam room, or even take a hot shower. Since i couldn’t leave the house today, thank you snow storm, i opted for a really long hot shower. It helped me loosen up my congestion and really helped my sore throat for at least a little while.

REST/RECOVERY: Rest is so important when you are sick. Rest helps strengthen your immune system which can help lead to a faster recovery. Sleeping, while your sick, helps restore your energy that helps your body to recover. You may be the type of person that is constantly on the go but this is not the time. Relax, put your feet up, take a nap so that you’re body has the energy to fight off this illness.

FLUIDS: If you have a runny nose, a fever that leads to sweating, vomitting or diarrhea, you are losing water. It’s important to keep drinking water so you don’t become dehydrated and your bodily systems can run properly. I have literally been drinking water ALL DAY and i still feel like i cannot drink enough water. So, drink up.

DIET: Sometimes the question comes up whether or not you should focus on hitting your macros while you are sick. This can vary. (Now, I’m not talking about those individuals who are a contest prep-that’s a different story). It is harder for the body to recovery if you are not providing your body the energy that it needs especially if you are dieting in a deficit. Now is the time to listen to your body. Some individuals when they are sick have no appetite. That is okay. Listen to your bodily cues.  If you want to eat something, getting in healthy, nutritious foods can help you feel better sooner. Some foods that have been known to help individuals feel better while they’re sick include foods such as garlic, chicken soup, green tea, and honey. Probiotics and probiotics can also help you recover faster when you are sick. Some examples of probiotics include cheese, yogurt, and dairy products. Probiotics include foods like asparagus, garlic,oats, beans, potatoes, apples, bananas, citrus fruits, and flax and chia seeds. “Feed a cold. Starve a fever.” This common saying is not one that is necessarily true. Listen to your body and fuel it with micronutrient rich foods that can help your body recover while you are under the weather.

MEDICINE: Medicine can be a helpful tool when it comes to overcoming your sickness. Cough drops can also be helpful for a scratchy throat or cough. If medicine is going to help you feel better than why wouldn’t you take it?? If you do take medicine, make sure you are taking it on time and in the recommended doses.


Current Situation: Water, hot tea, cough drops, fuzzy socks and football.


These are just a few of my suggestions for what to do and things to consider when you are feeling under the weather. You cannot rush your recovery and its important to not rush back into the gym- full speed ahead- and potentially delay your recovery even longer. When you do get back to the gym, strength may be down initially but don’t worry, take your time, don’t rush it, and you’re strength will return in time.

Being sick is never fun but at one point or another we will all experience some time of illness. Comment below if you have any tips or tricks that you like to use when you are sick. I’m still not feeling up to par so any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and i hope someone finds my tips helpful the next time they find themselves with a really bad cold or the flu.

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