Prep Announcement

As i mentioned in a previous blog, i reached out to my coach, Eric, from Dynamic Duo Training, about starting bikini contest prep sometime in the near future. After a few weeks of getting back into tracking my macros, weighing myself everyday, and a few weeks of adjusting my macros…the time has come! Today has been my first day of competition prep for the 2016 season! I treated myself to one last untracked meal before prep started yesterday so naturally the restaurant of choice was Cheesecake Factory (duhhhhh). Fried Mac & Cheese Bites and Adam’s PB Fudge Ripple Cheesecake for the win. SO SOO GOOD.

If you want to hear more about the game plan for this competition prep, keeping reading…..


This contest prep is going to be a 21 week prep. The reason i am doing a long(er) prep is because i have a decent amount of weight to lose while wanting to maintain as much muscle as possible without doing anything too drastic macro and training wise.

Last year, my stage weight was 116 lbs. Obviously, i have gained some muscle since last year so my coach doesn’t think that we will have to get that low again. That leaves about 17-20 lbs. to lose in 21 weeks. I am doing an IIFYM prep (also known as flexible dieting) and am starting off with 1 refeed day a week (higher carb with fat/protein staying consistent) and adding in a little cardio since i’ve been doing very minimal the past 8 months.

The goal, as of current, is to compete in 3 shows. 

  1. NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships: June 25th in Baltimore, MD.
  2. Grand Prix of Baltimore: July 23rd
  3. Southern Muscle Championships: October 8th in Baton Rouge, LA.

Those are the goal as of right now. I am prepping with my boyfriend, Jon, who is also competing this year in the Men’s Physique Division. (Follow his youtube account here to keep up to date on his progress, training/nutrition ideas, as well as some other great vlogs). Since i won’t be prepping with my sister this year, she moved to New Orleans without me, (#sadtweet) the plan is to do the Baton Rouge show, on October 8th, so that her and i can compete in one show together this season.

I’m going to bring you guys on this journey with me and keep you all update on my progress throughout this contest prep season. I’m super excited to see all the handwork and building that I’ve put into this offseason finally pay off. I’m excited to shed this offseason fluff and finally see some abs and shreds. This won’t be easy but i am more than ready to do whatever it takes to get where i need to be come show day.


Please comment below with any ideas you have for future blog posts in regards to competition prep or otherwise. I love to hear you guys’ feedback.

Thanks so much for reading and keep checking back,



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