Bikini Prep Series: Traveling on Bikini Prep


Hey guys…. So life has been hectic the past few weeks hence the lack of posts. One reason why life has been hectic was an impromptu trip to New York this past Wednesday. My boyfriend had a job interview, in NY, so we made a day trip out of it. (Side note: he got the job–YAY, so proud–so he’ll be moving up there in the near future. I’ll be moving up there too once I graduate in May. Comment below if theres any places to visit, foods that need to be eaten in New York that i need to know about… I’m going to start a list because I’m sure there are lots lol…anyway, I’m getting off topic..)… Impromptu trip to New York meant packing our food for the 6.5 hour drive there, food for while we were there, and food for the drive home, since we are both in competition prep.


Travel attire means being comfy. DNDL beanie, scarf, long sleeve crop top and lululemons.

I figured this would be a good time to do a post about  traveling while on contest prep by showing you what i ate and some other helpful tips and tricks that i have found helpful in the past.

I am going to start by saying that when you are traveling on a competition prep…YOU ARE ON A PREP. “Winging it” is not an option and it was not an option for me. You have to be prepared so that you are able to make good choices that help you reach your goals.



  • The morning started at 5:00 AM. I typically do not eat first thing when i wake up (the boyfriend does though) so we started the trip off with a starbucks run. 2 Venti Americanos with 2 pumps of SF  caramel– one for me and one for the bf.
  •  Meal 1: Overnight oats. Super easy. Oats, strawberries,blueberries, chocolate protein powder, almond milk and topped with salted caramel pb.
  • Meal 2: Salad mix with chicken and a garlic and herb laughing cow cheese wedge.
  • Meal 3: Stopped at a Panera that was by the job interview. Thai Chicken Salad with extra lettuce. All the sauces on the side. With a sprouted grain roll (they were out of the baguettes..sighhhhh). Planned for this in advance so that i knew i would have the allotted macros.
  • Meal 4: Deli seasoned chicken breast with baby carrots. 
  • Meal 5: Starkist Tuna Packet.  I knew i was going to be low on protein for the day so we stopped at Tarjay for travel beverages and other snacks to help fill our macros. (The boyfriend grabbed turkey jerky, tuna, some gummy candies, and some beverages as well).
  • Last Meal: Yoplait Salted Caramel Whipped Greek Yogurt and 2 rice cakes topped with salted caramel pb.
  • Not Pictured: Copious amounts of fluids. Water, decaf iced coffee from dunkin donuts (ew- watered down and so not good #teamstarbucks4life), unsweetened iced passion tea from starbucks, powerade zeros, more water….you get the point

So, hopefully this can give you a few ideas if you are spending literally half the day traveling. Everything was planned, preweighed/measured, and calculated in advance. Used the rest stops and grocery stores to pick up waters and other snacks to fill in remaining macros along the travel route.

For more tips and tricks for traveling on contest prep and other things to consider-continue reading below:


WHERE: are you staying at a hotel? are you staying at a friends house? Is there a kitchen available? Fridge? Microwave? If you are staying at a hotel-check to see if there is a mini fridge and/or microwave. If not, you can ask for one or sometimes they will let you upgrade for a small fee. Will you have dishes there that you can use? A blender if you need one? All important things to consider.

HOW: how are you getting there? are you driving? flying? taking a bus? Flying requires that you follow TSA guidelines so this means you can’t carry liquids > 3 oz. This also means that ice packs cannot be partially frozen, pb needs to be in single serve packets, no yogurt, cottage cheese, or oats that are precooked in a liquid. If you try to pack those in your carry on bag they will be thrown out.

HOW LONG: If you are only there for 1-2 days it is easy to prepack all your meals. If you are going for a few days or 5 days or longer, consider packing your meals for travel days and going to the grocery store once you reach your destination. Meal delivery services, such as Icon Meals, are becoming more popular. You can preorder food and have it sent to where you are staying. This can be really convenient and easy if you have the funds to do so.

  • PLAN AHEAD. This is not the time to improvise. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you know what food you are going to eat while you travel. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared. It’s better to have too much food than not enough food. You never know what could happen i.e. traffic, layovers, delayed/cancelled flights, etc.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Now is not the time to be fancy. The simpler the better.
  • PREWEIGH AND LABEL. This helps you stay organized as well as remember all the foods and amounts you packed for what day and when. If you are traveling all day, you do not want to have to pull out your food scale in the car, or at the airport to weigh everything, so do it in advance.
  • PACK SMART. Use tupperware for foods that you want to be sure do not leak and use ziplock bags for other solid foods to save space. I use my Isolator Fitness Bag to travel because it has ice packs and keeps your food cold. You want to make sure your food stays cold so you don’t have to worry about food poisoning or food borne illnesses…that would not be good. It also has a lot of compartments and pockets to store all of my food.
  • DINING OUT. I recommend that before travel day you know whether or not you are/are not going to be dining out at a restaurant. If that is something you want to do, plan it out in advance so you know that you have enough macros. You can look up the restaurant’s nutritional information online to plan ahead.
  • FLUIDS. Water is so important. Traveling and sitting all day can lead to water retention so stay hydrated with lots of water. Keep drinking. I also like hot beverages such as coffee or hot tea. These help give you some flavor and give you some energy for travel. I also like sugar free beverages such as powerade zero, diet soda, and water squirters to help switch up what I’m drinking. Traveling makes me super hungry so i have to be careful not to eat too much in the beginning of the day (hence why i start the day with coffee..always).
  • REST STOPS AND GROCERY STORES. Use these opportunities as a time to stock up on beverages and quick snacks if you are running low or don’t have enough. There are so many easy grab and go snack options that you can grab at the airport, gas station, or even Walmart if it’s close by. Be smart and have food handy.

Here are some easy foods/snacks for traveling:

  • protein bars
  • rice cakes
  • individual sized peanut butter packets
  • fruit
  • raw veggies
  • turkey jerky
  • tuna packets
  • oats: either overnight oats or individual oat packs to add water to later. (An easy grab and go breakfast)
  • nuts
  • dry cereal
  • protein powder (just add water and you’re good to go for a quick shake)
  • precooked chicken

Traveling on prep is not about being fancy or making your food “pretty”. It is about keeping it simple and organized so that it is easy to prep and easy to grab and go on a long day/days of traveling. I hope you found these tips and my experience helpful.

Comment below if you have any tips or tricks for traveling on a competition prep that you have found to be helpful or beneficial in the past. Also feel free to comment with any topic you would like to see on future posts for this BIKINI PREP SERIES. I always love hearing your feedback. Please “like” this post and “subscribe” to my blog if you haven’t already and keep checking back.

Talk soon,




2 thoughts on “Bikini Prep Series: Traveling on Bikini Prep

  1. Andrew (DDT) says:

    Just a few places to try… But there’s amazing food all over!

    Patsy’s Pizza
    Rice to Riches (if you like rice pudding)
    Pio Pio (Peruvian restaurant with the best rotisserie chicken in the world!)
    Big Gay Ice Cream (try the “salted pimp”)
    Nomofuku Milk Bar
    Odd Fellows Ice Cream
    Dough or Doughnut Plant for donuts!!

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