Bikini Prep Series: Choosing Your Perfect Competition Suit


What comes to mind when you think of bikini competitions? Despite hardwork, commitment, and dieting one thought that comes to my mind is that dazzling competition bikini. Yes, that gorgeous suit that shines so brightly under those lights with so much sparkle that it is nothing short of captivating! That being said… how do you know which to choose? Having the right cut, color, quality, and fit for a competition suit is so important come show day so that you are able to showcase your confidence on stage.

I thought that i would use this Bikini Prep Series to share with you some tips and things to consider when choosing the best competition suit for you.

  • First, i would recommend checking the organization’s website for any specific suit guidelines they may have– whether that organization is the NPC or OCB and so on.
  • Suit Companies. Some of the most popular suit makers for competition suits would be Ravish Sands and Angel Competition Bikinis. There are some other suit companies out there but these are probably the best, in my opinion. Both of these companies make absolutely gorgeous suits. I have ordered both of my suits from Ravish and they are absolutely gorgeous and stunning. I have not, yet, ordered a suit from Angel but i know several people who have who rave about their customer service and their suit quality. Check them out on social media to look at all the various styles, colors, and designs that they offer.

logo-2   logo

  • Color. Some of the most popular colors for competition suits are jewel tones such as blues, teals, reds, greens, and purples. They are the most popular because they are great colors for stage. Blondes typically look really great in blues, teals, and reds. Girls with dark hair typically look great in colors like emerald green and purple. Lighter colors such as light pink, gold, yellow, orange can have the tendency to wash you out on stage (and no one wants that). Dark colors such as navy or black really lack that color to help you “pop” and stand out on stage. However, you do want to feel like yourself and feel confident in your suit. So choose a color that you love. Look on social media and see what colors/suits/styles other competitors are wearing. What suits get you all excited and antsy? That’s probably a good place to start. Some companies will allow you to order fabric swatches on their websites so that you can look at various color options. For my first competition suit, i chose pink and my sister chose yellow. Looking back, i definitely would have gone with a different suit color for my first competition.
  • Bottom Cut. You want to choose the right cut for your suit. Some options are typically moderate coverage, Brazilian cut, and pro cut. The moderate coverage gives you the most coverage however i would not recommend this for stage– it hides the booty. The brazilian cut offers less coverage than the moderate and is a really popular option for NPC athletes. Lastly, is the pro cut. This is significantly smaller than the brazilian cut. Do what you think works best for you and again, follows your organizations guidelines. Also, you may want to look into getting extra fabric put into the front of your bikini suit. This makes sure that you have extra coverage in front so you don’t have to worry about your bikini bottoms riding down too low and showing things that no one needs to see (if you get what I’m saying lol). If you are unsure what bottoms to get, tell your suit maker what organization you are competing in and they can make sure that your suit bottom meets the recommended guidelines.
  • Cup Size. Bikini is all about proportions- a nice booty and you want the boobies to match. Now, i have no boobs whatsoever. (Le sighhhh) However, you can create the illusion of boobs with the right cup size. If you are typically a B cup, you could possibly go with an A cup so that you can push up your boobies and give the illusion of boobs. You can also fill your top with pillow padding, rice, or cutlets that will also help give you the illusion of boobs. (PS shoutout to @mbkellyy for showing how to stuff your bikini top so it looks you have some nice boobage lol-job well done).
  • Connectors. Typically, bikini competitors choose connectors for the top (in between the boobs and straps) and for the bottom (side connectors). The top connectors are fun details that really help make your suit your own. For the middle, a shorter connector is recommended if you have smaller boobs/no cleavage – this will help you push the girls together and give you that illusion. If you have fake boobs (jealous) or already have cleavage, you can go with a longer connector in the middle. You do not want a back connector because you want to be able to tie your suit super super tight. If you have a connector you will not be able to get your suit as tight as it needs to be. The top, strap connectors are up to you but most competitors choose strap connectors to match their bottom side connectors. In regards to bottom connectors, if you have a thicker bottom half, you may want to avoid the thick connectors and choose a thinner connector instead. Thick connectors and dangles can help create the illusion of curves for girls with less curves and leaner legs. There are so many different connector options to chose from just take into consideration what will look best on your body type.
  • Crystals. This is really up to you and your personal preference. You can keep bling minimal or you can go all out. I personally love the suits that are completely covered in bling. I think the crystals can really help you stand out on stage, especially under those bright lights on stage. If you see the term “AB” next to a type of crystal, this means that the crystal reflects different colors when the light hits it. If it is a “pink ab crystal” you will see not only pink but other colors as well. Obviously, the more crystals you get the more your suit will cost. The choice is yours. You could also order a less bedazzled suit and add crystals yourself depending on your budget and how much time you have. (Crystals and glue can be found at craft stores). Again, this is your personal preference.

Example of potential crystals you can use to bedazzle your competition bikini

  • Price. I have talked about this in another blog post, Competing At A Cost. But to recap, competition suits can cost you anywhere between $150-$700, depending. The price varies based on the amount of bling you choose and connectors. You can save money by bedazzling your own suit, renting a suit, or even borrowing a suit from a friend. I, personally, think choosing a suit that you love, that you can wear over and over again, is worth the initial high cost. I am still SO obsessed with my last competition suit and i am going to wear it again for this 2016 competition season. Another reason i am going to rewear my suit is because i am a poor college student and i can’t fork out another $700 for a new suit right now lol.

Not so low key OBSESSED with this suit (and that bod)

  • Questions. When ordering your suit online, the company will ask you several questions so that they can best determine how to make the suit specifically for you. They will ask you questions such as: top size, bottom size, type of coverage, your measurements, your show date, predicted show weight (as well as swatch color, connector types, crystal type, etc). This is so they can tailor your suit so that it fits you on show day. If you are 130 lbs right now and your stage weight is 115, they are going to make that suit so that it fits you come show day. You won’t have to stress about if it will or will not fit. (And if for some reason, a week before your show, your suit bottom is too big/too small- extra fabric is found inside the bottoms of your suit so that a tailor can take your suit in/out as needed).

I hope you found some of these insights helpful to you in your quest to find that perfect competition bikini. Choose a suit that reflects your personality through the right cut, color, quality and fit and you will be sure to shine on that stage come show day. You want to feel confident on stage and the right suit will help you do just that.



If you have any other important things to think about when choosing a competition suit, feel free to comment below and share those ideas with others reading this blog. Let me know what else you would like to see talked about during this Bikini Prep Series and keep checking back. 

Talk soon,



©Photos courtesy of Angel Competition Bikinis for bikini bottom cuts/crystals photos


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