A Day in the Life: 2/29

So, this is a different type of post than i have done in this past for this blog. But i figured this would be a fun/different way to show you what my day to day life is like as well as include a full day of eating on here as well. I always think it’s fun to see what other people are doing/eating so i thought, “hey, why not?” So here ya go… Here is my “Day in the Life” for Monday, February 29th.



Today’s motivational card courtesy of @mbkellyy

8:00 A.M: Rise and Shine! Morning check in with the scale then just throw on leggings and the boyfriend’s baggy hoodie and off we go.

8:30: Commute to IUP


9:15: Coffee….  because my brain cannot function before coffee in the morning. 

10:10: Sports Nutrition Class– currently learning about the importance of protein for athletes… Daily recommendations/post workout recommendations/timing…. Really interesting stuff.


11:15: Drive back home.. Eat my first meal of the day. 2 rice cakes-one caramel and one plain- topped with salted caramel peanut butter and a Chobani 100 calorie flip: Blueberry Cookie Crumble. All stored in my handy dandy 6 Pack Bag Renee Tote.

12: Stop at the apartment, grab my gym bag, and off to the gym you go. Get to the gym and spill my pre workout literally ALL OVER yourself while getting out of the car #fail. 

12:30: Lift. Today’s workout was a volume day with some accessory lifts. Start off with a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical. I do a combination of a Texas Training Protocol with an AMRAP test at the end of the week. So every day that i lift, i do squats, bench press, and deadlifts followed by some sort of accessory lifts.


2:30: Home from the gym. Today’s meal of choice is a combination of chicken, broccoli and brussel sprouts, refried beans, and guac with a Joseph’s pita. Weird/random combination but delicious none the less. Very much obsessed with fat free refried beans at the moment. 


3:15: Monday is the day that i update my coach. So i sent him my video update for the week. I had a really great week the previous week so a lot of positives to tell Coach Eric. After that, i started some housework i.e. dishes, cleaning the bedroom, organizing my closet…. The boyfriend is moving out on Friday so a lot of cleaning and organizing needs to be done before then. 

4:45: Coach has asked me to incorporate a 10 minute walk into my daily routine for some added calorie expenditure. I cannot wait until the weather is like 65º and sunny so it’s not so cold during these walks lol. 

5:00: Journal Time. I usually like to journal first thing in the morning but sometimes it doesn’t happen so i figure better late than never. It helps to put your thoughts to paper to help clear your mind and feel like things aren’t so chaotic.


6:15: Dinner time. Another random meal but tasty.. Chicken and cut up asparagus. Topped with some shredded cheddar cheese and a laughing cow cheddar cheese wedge. Had a plain rice cake that was also topped with yet another laughing cow cheese wedge. (Laughing cow cheese spread on a rice cake is another current food obsession.. SO SO good). 

6:45: I told the boyfriend that i would clean out his car while he was at work… Mostly because it’s my fault that his  car is filled with old Starbucks cups and drink stoppers (lol oops sorry babe) so that took a little bit of time. Now, his car is all clean and ready for his trip on Friday.


All the coffee… All the time

8:15: Decaf coffee topped with fat free reddi whip.


9:00: Time for the last meal of the day. A mini cheesecake and some cream of wheat that was topped with salted caramel peanut butter and strawberries. All consumed while watching the new episode of Vanderpump Rules (LOVE this show). Enjoying one of the last nights of being lazy with my boyfriend and just relaxing together before he leaves. 

10:30: Bed- because I’m an old lady at heart. 


So, that’s it! My not so exciting life but still enjoyable none the less lol. Hopefully you found this post to be interesting and maybe gave you some ideas of new foods/food combinations to try (Yes, go try rice cakes and laughing cow cheese wedges NOW, trust me on this). If you like these types of post, be sure to  hit the “like” button and comment below. Also let me know what other topics/ideas you would like to see in future blog posts. Thanks so much.

Talk soon,



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