What’s In My Gym Bag?

So for the longest time i never really used a gym bag… i had a small over the shoulder bag that housed my headphones and my keys when i went to the gym… The more serious i got about lifting the more things that i needed to bring with me to the gym. After several months of using an old Under Armour gym bag from my high school soccer days, i upgraded to a new gym bag… The Fitmark Transporter tote (thank you boyfriend).

So, with a lot more room for fun and things in my gym bag i thought i would show you all what’s in there. Here we go..

  • My FitMark Transporter Tote. This gym bag is amazing. There is a main compartment for all your necessities as well as several interior pockets to stash those smaller items that you want to keep track of. Theres another area, on the outside, where you can stash your debit/credit cards, cash, etc so they is easily accessible. The BEST part about this gym bag is the lunch box that a) comes with it and b) is easily stored in its own compartment. The lunch box fits two meal containers and comes with two ice packs. It is the perfect place to store your post workout meals! This bag makes it super easy and convenient because instead of having to carry your gym bag AND your meal bag separately, you only have to carry this bag! This bag is $109 but well worth the investment if you are in search of a high quality gym bag. (Side note: I also use this lunch box separately when i take my meals to work. It keeps my food cold and is small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Very convenient).
  • Pre workout. Lately, i have been a big fan of the C4 On the Go drinks. They are a tad pricey if you go and buy them at GNC and you aren’t a member (found that out today…yikes). The icy blue raspberry flavor is on point and is super easy to grab on the way out the door. I would definitely recommend them if you are without pre workout and are in dire need of a pre workout while in route to the gym… they can be found in GNC already refrigerated…win. There is 2 grams of carbs per bottle and i do choose to track this because i am on prep right now.
  • Headphones. DUH. Currently using the JAM HX-HP420 headphones which are wireless and only $35ish at walmart. So if you are in search of cheap, quality headphones i would check these out. I also have a pair of over- the- ear white wireless beats that are great quality just more expensive.


  • Lifting Chalk. Chalk is super helpful when it comes to a) lifting heavy or b) doing a lot of volume work. It helps improve your grip if your hands are sweaty and just helps you maintain your grip better. Its relatively cheap and portable so it is easy to use. Some gyms, however, don’t allow chalk… Mine doesn’t… However, i still use it. Just don’t be throwing it all over the place and making a huge mess and you should be fine. 


  • Lifting Belt. My lifting belt is the Economy Single Prong  Pink Belt, in a size XS, from liftinglarge.com. It was $48.99. A pretty standard belt nothing fancy. Now, i do not use this all the time however i do find it beneficial during particularly heavy lifts and when i am doing AMRAP testing with 85% of my 1 rep max. It helps stabilize your core during those heavy squats and deadlifts. You do not need to be walking around the gym, in your lifting belt, doing bicep curls…No, just no…


  • Rumble Roller. This is a must! Out of the 6 days that i venture to the gym- i use this bad boy at least 2 times a week. This is the RumbleRoller Compact Firm Massage Roller from Dicks Sporting Goods. Cost: $44.99. There are so many benefits to using a foam or rumble roller but a few of those benefits include limiting soreness and tightness by increasing blood flow and flexibility, help to stretch soft tissue, help with trigger points, and bringing relief to areas with muscle pain. The rumble roller hurts a bit more than a regular foam roller because of the added bumps but i like that it can really penetrate those areas that i am the most sore– i.e. the glutes, quads, hammies. Really great and definitely recommend. Awesome for recovery.


  • Lacrosse Ball. This goes along with the rumble roller i talked about above. I use the lax ball the same way as the rumble roller especially if there are specific knots in my back, butt, and legs. Rolling on it is super painful but it does help break up the knots and tension found all over my body. They are inexpensive so do yourself a favor and buy one.


  • Resistance Bands. For this, i currently have two in my gym bag. One is a thicker band and the other is a thinner, smaller band. Right now, i am using the thinner, small band for band seated hip abductions… The band really helps get the booty and side butt ( i don’t know what to call it lol) burning. You can also use resistance bands for added tension on the bar for squats/deads/bench/etc or you can use it in replacement of dumbbells for added variety in your workout. The boyfriend had me doing banded side/front lateral raises before and they burnnnnnn…. Could be beneficial for you if you are looking to switch things up in your workout routine. Bands can also help to improve flexibility and range of motion as well. 
  • Misc. Some random things i have thrown in my gym bag include chapstick (being without chapstick when you are in need is THE WORST), tampons (in case of emergency), and hair bands.. you know, typical girl stuff.

So, that’s what can currently be found in my gym bag. I’m curious if you guys have any thing in your gym bags or lifting toys that you enjoy using at the gym that you find beneficial. If you do, comment below. I would love to hear some other people’s feedback.

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Talk soon,




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