14 Weeks Out: Bikini Prep Update


I am less than 14 weeks out from my first show of the season…. 14. Where does the time go? Seriously. As of the end of this week, i will have been dieting for 9 weeks already. I told you guys that i would keep you updated on how prep is going and thus far i have not done so. The reason being is that i wanted to wait a little bit so that i could actually give you a little more information on the progress i am making.

So here we go..


RBF strong always hahahaha (P.S. Sorry about the poor cell phone quality).

I started prep at a weekly average of 140 lbs. Yes, you read that right. The goal of prep is to get me down somewhere between 117 lbs – 123 lbs. Last year, i stepped on stage at 116 lbs… My coach and i feel as though i have made some muscle gains so i will not have to get down quite as low though this time around but that is TBD.

To start prep, i was doing 1 HIIT session a week and 2 MISS sessions. My weight loss during the first two weeks was slow. I didn’t even lose 1 lb in the first two weeks. But trusting the process and my coach we kept pushing forward. My coach incorporated a 10 minute daily walk into my routine for some added energy expenditure and with that things and the scale started moving.

At the end of week 7, i had only lost a weekly average week of .39 lbs. So coach decided to kick things up a notch with some added cardio and a macro cut. My carbs and fats were cut and my protein macros stayed the same. The cut was about 95 calories worth. He also upped my HIIT session by 2 intervals and my MISS sessions up by 5 minutes. My coach says he is noticing changes in my face and my legs (win) and says he knows my stomach will be the last to go (haha story of my life). It is always exciting when your coach says he is starting to see noticeable changes.

As a result, the ball is moving once again. The scale has dipped as low as 131.5 in the past few days which is the lowest i have been thus far. I dropped 2.03 lbs last week, following the macro cut, and am also down 1/2 an inch on my waist as of this morning. (1.25 inches off my waist total thus far). Down about 8.05 lbs. in 8 weeks …slow and steady.

Here are some screen shots from a posing video that i took this morning..excuse my morning face and my unwashed hair….shout out to you dry shampoo. (It goes without saying that if you have anything negative to say, feel free to keep your comments and bad attitude to yourself…your opinion is irrelevant). I am by no means satisfied with where i am currently but i am proud of the progress i have made in the last 8 weeks. A lot of work to do and 14 weeks to get there.. Time to get shreddy.

So hopefully this gives you all a little bit of an idea of where i started this prep and where i am at currently… If you have any questions/comments about competition prep, or in general, feel free to comment below. Also, if you have any topics you would like to see discussed in future posts i would be more than willingly to talk about those as well.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back,



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