Bikini Prep Series: Packing for Show Day


So after months of dieting and making it through peak week it is THAT time… show day weekend is finally here. For my first show, i remember wondering what all i was supposed to bring with me? What if i forget something? What will i need? Well instead of making you search all over for that information, I’ve compiled a list of some of the necessities you may, or may not need, for show weekend. I say may or may not because i cannot stress to you the importance of being prepared…even over prepared. It is better to have too much than not enough… trust me. You will thank me later.

Lets get started…..

  • $ for Check In. If you have to buy your NPC card, or pay for some last minute entry, bring cash so you are ready to go. Bring your ID as well just in case they need that for some reason.
  • Tanning Clothes. You will need baggy clothes for when you go to get your spray tan. This can be a silk robe, old jump suit, whatever you want, that’s baggy, light weight, and cotton. Black is a great color of choice because spray tan will get on them. 
  • Old Sheets. You will need to bring a set of old sheets (a pillow case and blanket) to put on the hotel bed…  If the tan gets on the hotel’s sheets they will charge you.. and we pay enough as bikini competitors that you don’t want to have to pay for that too.
  • Flip Flops. You’ll need these for after your spray tan and on show day. Trust me, you do not want to be walking around in your heels ALL day. 
  • Scale. This depends on if you have to weigh yourself on show day for your coach. If you are staying at a hotel you will have to bring your own scale for show day morning.
  • Your Suit(s). Duh. Have a back up suit you use for posing? Or an old suit you wore last season? Bring that too. Better to have an extra in case a connector breaks or something else unforeseen happens. Have extra gems and fabric glue? Bring that too incase you have gems that fall off your suit and you need to put them back into place.
  • Competition Heels. Also duh. Have an extra pair handy as well incase a strap breaks…just to be safe.
  • Show Day Attire. Whether that be a robe, jumpsuit, or your team t-shirt…pack it. If you are wearing something else to go out to eat after your show,you will want to pack that as well.
  • Stage Jewelry. Typically this consists of a bracelet, earrings, a ring… if you have a belly button ring, nose ring, multiple of each… make sure they are packed.
  • Make Up. If you are doing your own make up, pack all the goods. Even if someone else is doing your makeup for you, you may still want to pack some “back up” just in case. Brushes, lip liner, lipstick, foundation… False lashes i would definitely pack as well. Some companies, even if they are doing your makeup, will not provide you with lashes. Better to have them just in case. 
  • Hair Straightener, Blow Dryer, Curlers, Curling Iron, etc. However you’re doing your hair, or even if someone else is doing it, you may want to fix your own hair between prejudging and finals… so bring your own.
  • Hair Product. Dry shampoo, frizz serum, hair spray, shine spray….. can’t forget hair ties and a hair brush.
  • Baby Powder/Dryer Sheets. Sounds weird but either of these can be used as a substitute for deodorant because ya know, you can’t wear any spray or deodorant after you get that tan.
  • Baby Wipes: Your hands get super grody with the spray tan so this is nice to clean them off a tad…im not talking scrubing them with the baby wipe until your hands are ghostly white in comparison to your body..but just enough to get the excessively brown/green spots taken care of..i found this to be convenient especially by the end of night show. 
  • Dixie Cups. These are a must. Yes, you have to pee through a cup. Cut/poke a hole out of the button of the cup and pee through it. If you don’t, you will pee on yourself and it will mess up your tan.. I’m not saying this has happened to me..but I’m also not saying it didn’t. LOL.
  • Bikini Bite. This is used to keep your bottom in place and not going up your bum on stage. Usually the spray tan provider will do this for you but i like to have my own just in case.
  • Vaseline. Put it on your teeth and that’ll keep you smiling the entire time you are on that stage.
  • Cell Phone Charger. Whether thats a plug in or a portable charger..or BOTH. You’ll need a  phone thats charged to take lots of pics and send update pics to your coach backstage. Outlets can be hard to come by so i would recommend a portable charger if you have one as well. 
  • Workout Band. This will help you to pump up before you walk out on stage. Some venues have weights you can use but some do not- so bring one just in case.
  • Large Mirror. Some venues have mirrors back stage but some don’t. You will want to be able to look at yourself, fix your makeup,pose, and all that, so buy an $8 mirror from Walmart. 
  • Pillow/Blanket. You will want to be comfortable backstage on show day because there is a lot of waiting going on. 
  • Headphones. If you want to listen to music on your phone, bring em.
  • Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste. Duh lol. Don’t wanna forget to brush your teeth in the morning before show day. No one wants to rock bad breath all day lol. 
  • Your Number. They will give you your number during check in. Don’t lose this and don’t forget to bring it with you on show day.

And lastly,


Stole this photo from @mbkellyy –Rice Cakes are a MUST on show day. Carbs on carbs.

  • Food Scale
  • Water. Whether your sipping, or drinking a gallon, don’t forget your water. At some point during the day you will definitely need this. The thirst is real folks.
  • YOUR FOOD. YESSS..SOOO IMPORTANT. Perfect time to use your insulated lunch bag. You will need your food for Friday while you are at the hotel and ALL DAY ON SATURDAY. Think you have enough food? Pack extra. You will want to have all of your food preweighed, labeled, and prepped. This will just make show day easier for you. Think you only need 2 meals? Think again. Better to have too much than not enough especially when you don’t know how long prejudging and finals will take. My first show, i was not prepared and i was starving and miserable. DON’T LET THAT BE YOU lol.  


Being prepared on show day will do nothing but make the day run more smoothly for you… Which will only allow you to relax and enjoy your day. Remember- it is always better to be OVER PREPARED than UNDER PREPARED.

Hopefully you find this list to be helpful as you pack for your show day weekend. Did i forget something? If you can think of anything i forgot, comment below and help your fellow competitors pack for show day, as well as let me know what you would like to see in future posts.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and keep checking back for more,



One thought on “Bikini Prep Series: Packing for Show Day

  1. bodybybiff says:

    I brought pam because i read it somewhere hahah to make your muscle shinny. I ended up using what the spray tanners had but, hey! It was a good back up.

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