Bikini Prep Update: 7 Weeks Out

Hello there friends… So it’s been a hot second since i’ve updated you on how my bikini prep has been going…. Last i updated you i was 14 weeks out and now we are….7. Crazy how time flies.

I’ll start by saying that the shows i am doing have changed… I am still competing in the NPC Maryland State/East Coast Championship in Baltimore, MD. However, i am no longer competing in the other two shows i had previously planned. Instead, two weeks after show #1, i will be competing in the NPC NorthEast Summer Classic. This show is in White Plains, NY and about 10 minutes from where my boyfriend is now living…. Perfect right? Two shows… Two weeks apart… The new game plan.

So i started prep at 140 lbs (ish)– fast forward to where we left off at 14 weeks out, averaging 131.9 lbs. I went about 5 weeks with those set macros and the same cardio routine before hitting a stalling point. So before taking my macros, coach upped my cardio by 5 minutes on both my MISS days. I asked coach several times for a macro cut before he actually gave me one (lol-mustve been the diet brain). That lasted a little before…. THE INEVITABLE MACRO CUT. da da dannnttttt. Only about 125 calories of food but hey, food is food. He also added in some more cardio. This was about two weeks ago… The first week my body slowly adjusted and i lost like half a lb….. this week i’m happy to say that the scale is moving a bit more at 1.27 lb. weight loss (weekly average).

Overall, I am down about 4.8 lbs. in the past 7 weeks. Am i happy with this number? Yes and no. I am more about that 1 lb. a week weight loss but when i mentioned this to my coach, he kindly told me that i need to relax HAHAHA. Even a half a lb. a week is still progress and a step in the right direction and sometimes i have to remind myself of that. I reached my lowest weight so far this prep, this morning, at 125.7 lbs so that was exciting.

I mentioned in my previous post that my estimated stage weight was between 117-122 lbs. It is looking like my new estimated stage weight will be around 120 maybe a little under…And we’ve got 8 weeks to get there fit fam.

I should also mention, for those of you who did not read my Supplement Post that i started incorporating several new supplements into my diet: Creatine, Yohimbine, and L-Theanine. Check out my blog post on supplements- link above- if you’re curious why i started taking these particular supps.

I started a new training program this week which is leaving me sore as all get out but i strangely enjoy having sore glutes lol…. it must be doing something right.

So, how am i feeling about everything? Prep isn’t black and white. Some days i feel like I’m leaning out and other days i feel like a gigantic, fluffy marshmallow. Some days i think I’m right on schedule and other days i feel panic about whether or not i’ll be ready…. Sometimes I’m super hungry at the end of the day and i gotta suck it up because I’m out of macros. Prep is a roller coaster of emotions to say the least lol. Most days, however, i will say that i feel great. I am feeling good about the progress i am making and i know that trusting the process and my coach will get me where i need to be. I started practicing posing, for an hour (ish) 3-4x a week, this past week, so that’s been going well… i know as these last few weeks pass, the more i practice, the more i see my body change, the better i will feel.

So there ya have it, my 7 weeks out Bikini Prep Update. Here are some snippets of the posing video i sent to my coach this morning. Lot’s of work to put in these next 8 weeks and i am very excited to see where we end up.

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