Today i thought i would do a different type of post. Today is May 13th which means one thing…. Today is my birthday! Today i turn 25 years old…a quarter of a century. To celebrate, i thought i would do a blog post telling you 25 random facts about me.

So keep reading, and find out some random, entertaining, mostly pointless facts about myself.


  1. I have a twin sister. I am older by 6 minutes…. yes, those 6 minutes do in fact count and make me that much more older and wiser (haha sorry @mbkellyy).
  2. My favorite color is pink and any and all things sparkly.
  3. I’m really bad at painting my nails. But as a server i think it’s crucial to not have grodey,ratchet fingers… so, I’ve gotten a lot better.
  4. I have a cat named Lupin. Yes, i bought her presents for her birthday and yes, i am a crazy cat lady.
  5. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my birthday. Yes, my birthday is in fact a holiday. Huge celebrator of birthdays.
  6. My favorite vacation I’ve ever been on was to Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL. All things Harry Potter- what’s not to love?? Butter beer….delicious.
  7. I used to “hate” Harry Potter when i was little. That was until i actually read the books… Then i read them and i was, and still am, obsessed.
  8. I think beer is gross.


  9. My favorite food is CHEESECAKE.
  10. One of my life goals is to try ever flavor of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory…We are getting there fam.
  11. I am #TeamBreakfast foods. Pancakes > French Toast > Waffles.
  12. I am the furthest thing from a picky eater. I’ll try any food once. But i absolutely hate lima beans. Vomit.
  13. I love getting/sending cards in the mail. I love snail mail.
  14. I’ve never broken a bone. The closest I’ve ever been to hurting myself was cutting my pinky finger, in 3rd grade, on a tuna fish can in the school cafeteria. (lol).
  15. I am a huge planner. I like to write everything in my planner- the old school pen and paper way. I cannot plan things into my phone… has to be pen and paper.
  16. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. When someone says a dessert is “too sweet” they are wrong. It’s impossible for dessert to be too sweet.


  17. I haven’t had fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s- that type of fast food) in over 3 years. The thought of it just weirds me out. I’ll stick to chipotle or panera as my “fast” food.
  18. I think donuts are mediocre in the grand scheme of foods.
  19. I’ve never sat down and eaten an entire pint of ben and jerrys. As i type this i am in disbelief… after prep, i really need to change this. Flavor suggestions anyone?
  20. I hate the snow and being cold. I would rather be hot and sweaty any day. If i am cold, i am miserable.
  21. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite NLF team.
  22. I am a coffee enthusiast. I’ll drink it morning, noon, or night. There is no such thing as too much and I’m pretty sure I’m caffeine immune.


  23. I love watching the food network. If i have the time to watch tv chances are I’m watching cupcake wars, diners, drive ins and dives, or chopped.
  24. I played soccer and ran cross country all throughout high school. Soccer -i loved. Cross Country- i hated it. lol.
  25. To me, peanut butter is its own food group. Creamy or crunchy i don’t discriminate. Already have 12 jars? I’ll still buy more. You can never have too much.

So there ya have it. 25 random facts about me. Let me know if you like these fun type of posts and would want to see more of them in the future. Subscribe if you aren’t already and can’t wait to see what this next year of life has in store.

Talk soon,



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