You Had Questions… I Have Answers

Hello friends! So i feel as though it has been a hot minute since my last blog post. As of today, i am less than ONE MONTH out from my first bikini competition of the season. Time is flying let me tell ya. Prep is like a full time job, it requires a lot of time,effort, and energy… which you have to juggle with all the other real life responsibilities you have- like your real job and your relationships. With that being said, blogging got put temporarily on the back burner.. However, i am back and ready to answer your questions.

I posted on my various social medias that i was doing a Q&A.. for those of you that asked questions- thank you so much, i really appreciate it. I’m going to do my best to answer your questions so lets get started.

  • What’s the biggest struggle you’ve faced while competing?

The biggest struggle i have faced while competing is the post show experience. It is so easy for me to stick to my diet and my training when i am prepping for a show. After prep, you no longer have the “goal” of stepping on stage to keep you on track. I’ve experienced a bad post show rebound and experienced anxiety and feelings of restriction when it came to stepping on the scale and constantly having to track everything that i put into my body. It is SO important to to realize that the post show blues are REAL, and in my opinion, a much more difficult time than prep. If you would like to hear more about my experiences post show, please comment below and let me know and i can share more of my experience with you all.

  • If i could… eat cheesecake every day for the rest of your life and never be able to go to the gym for another day in your life OR eat no cheesecake ever again..which would you choose? 

I would hands down eat cheesecake every day of my life! LOL. it is by far my favorite food and there are so many different flavors of cheesecake i would be set for life to try them all haha. If i can’t go to the gym, i can always eat cheesecake and then get my workouts done out side of the gym somehow some way haha.

  • What’s the best and worst part about being a twin?

The BEST part about having a twin is always having someone to talk to. Morgan knows what I’m thinking/feeling without me really having to say anything. She’s my BFF and i wouldn’t have it any other way. The WORST part about having a twin is that people think that we are the same person. By that i mean that they assume we have to like the same things and be doing the same things all the time…which is not the case. Morgan’s really creative and crafty while i am definitely not. But i really love being a twin.

  • Favorite macro friendly recipe?

Right now, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to creating “macro friendly” recipes or making “fun” foods into a more macro friendly version. However, I do love my macro friendly Buffalo Chicken Dip and my prep friendly Mini Cheesecake recipe! They taste delicious and are both super easy. My friend, Ash Mitch, also gave me a recipe for a macro friendly pancake recipe that i have been using a lot lately. Here’s the recipe: 1 scoop PEScience protein, 1/2 serving kodiak pancake mix, and 46g of egg whites. Combine all together and add water until desired, pancake batter consistency. Cook like you would a normal pancake and top with peanut butter because everything tastes better with peanut butter. #science.

  • If you could hangout with a celebrity for the day, who would it be? Male and female.

If i could hangout with a male celebrity i would choose The Rock. Why? Umm hello-why not?! lol. He’s super attractive, we could lift heavy shit together, and then crush food together afterwards. He seem like a really down to earth kind of guy so that would be pretty awesome. A female celebrity…hmmmm. I would choose Jennifer Lawrence. She has a sarcastic, sassy personality so i feel like we would get along well. And she is always talking about food in her interviews so i feel like we would have a lot in common. haha.

  • What are your go-to’s for cardio? Stairs, treadmill, sprints, etc. 

I like to switch things up depending on if I’m doing LISS, MISS, or HIIT. I typically do HIIT on the treadmill just because it’s hard to slack and if you do slack well then you are falling off the treadmill lol. MISS i like to use the stepper and LISS i typically use the spin bike. I think it’s important to switch things up so that you do not get bored with what you are doing. To pass the time, as i spend a lot of time doing cardio right now, i watch YouTube videos.

  • Which hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

Gryffindor-duh. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and I would be BFFs.

  • How do you deal with weight plateau during prep? Mentally and physically.

Weight plateau is something that comes along with dieting. One thing i try to do when it comes to stepping on the scale is simply step on, see the number, and step off. It is not worth it to step on the scale and get upset over a number. I used to let it ruin my day and that is just something i don’t want to spend my day focused on. There are so many factors that go into weight: i.e. if you ate late the night before, didn’t drink enough water, more sodium than usual, it’t that time of the month…SO many factors. If i know i didn’t drink enough water the day before or i got a crappy night sleep, i’ll drink more water that day and try and get to bed early. If you are doing what you need to do, then you can’t stress things you cannot control. If i do notice my weight is plateauing i just mentally prepare myself for either a macro cut or a cardio increase… it’s just part of the process.  I did a previous blog post on why the scale isn’t the only good measure of progress so be sure to go check that out HERE if you haven’t already.

  • What is your motivation? Your “why”? 

My motivation, during prep, comes from knowing that i am going to be stepping on front of hundreds of people in a little bitty bikini. I would never want to step on stage knowing that i didn’t give it 110%. I don’t skip my workouts, i don’t eat anything if it’s not tracked, and i don’t skip my cardio. I prep because i enjoy the challenge. I love pushing myself and seeing how i can change my body. I compete for myself. I don’t compete because it’s the “cool thing to do” or because everyone else is doing it. I think that it is important that if you choose to compete that you do so for the right reasons. Competing is something that you have to do for YOU. It’s a challenge, its tough, and yet i love it.

  • What is your favorite thing about competing?

My favorite thing about competing is show day. I love the smelly spray tan, the crazy stage make up, sparkly suit, jewelry… I barely do my hair or my makeup in real life so it’s nice to look and feel girly haha. I also love to see how far i can push my body. It’s cool to see how your body changes from off season, to prep, from each competition season to the next. Another thing that i love is all the bikini friends that i have met from shows and social media. It’s cool to get to know girls that you can relate to and who understand what it’s like to prep for a competition. I’ve met some really great people through competing and i wouldn’t change a thing.

  • What are your long term fitness goals? 

Hmm… these are tough! I’d like to be able to squat 2x my body weight and deadlift over 300 lbs. I think that would be pretty bad ass lol. The thought of becoming a bikini pro is in the back of my mind as well however, if i didn’t, that would be okay too. My ultimate goal is to be happy, healthy, lifting heavy ass weight, and enjoying cheesecake on a regular basis…Everyone hates on the word “balance” but i think its perfect.

  • How do you handle the comparison game?

 I used to be so guilty of comparing myself to others. As a bikini competitor, you are literally asking the judges to tell you what about your body they don’t like, who’s booty looks better, etc. But you have to ask yourself, what does comparing yourself to another person get you? It will simply, most likely, leave you feeling crappy about yourself. We can’t snap our fingers and automatically change how we look. By learning to love ourselves, whether thats when we are stage lean or with our off season “fluff” the happier we will be. Just because someone is leaner than you, or has a bigger butt than you, doesn’t make them any better than you. YOU ARE AWESOME. YOU ARE A BAD ASS. When we learn to love ourselves and realize that we are worth so much more than our outward appearance, we will be so much happier.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed this different type of blog post. Let me know if you would like to do more Q&A’s in the future. I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with my blogging in the next 4 weeks before show day despite the hectic crazy schedule. Please feel free to comment below with any topics you would like to see discussed and keep checking back for more,

Talk soon,



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