That Low Carb Life: Dieting Hacks

Hello Friends! So today is the first day of June…. where does the time go? I don’t even know… With that being said i am officially less than ONE MONTH OUT from my first competition of the season. Am i excited? YES. Am i nervous? Absolutely yes lol.

Being this close to a competition was bound to bring about some drastic changes. I am doing more cardio and eating less than when i started my prep..obviously. It is all a part of the process. This past Friday, I received my first drastic carb cut of my prep. Why? To make sure that come show day i am ready for that stage. Lucky for me, i have a coach that knows what he is doing and that i trust 100%. (If you are looking for a coach i 100% recommend you go check out my coach: Eric Martinez of Dynamic Duo Training.. Link can be found here.Am i super excited about my macros right now? LOL not at all. But i am going into it with a positive mindset (more on that below) and with that, i thought i would share with you how i am coping with these low carb macros and give you some of my “dieting hacks” for that low carb/prep life.

Let me start this by saying “No, i am not going to tell you my macros.” Right now, my macros are low. I am not the kind of girl that gets to diet on 300 + carbs (HA- i wish i was). This low carb diet is not maintainable for real life and is a short term “tool” to get me ready for the extreme that is a bikini competition. This is not a maintainable lifestyle/diet that one should be partaking in on a regular basis. Carbs are your friends people so please do not think that you need to go extremely low carb to lose weight…that is just not the case. So, again, i am low carb, for a short period of time ONLY, to ensure that i am stage lean come show day.

With that being said… on to the DIETING HACKS!

  • MEAL TIMING. I have done a previous dieting hacks blog post (click here to check it out) where i mentioned this topic, however, i felt it was THAT important that it needed addressed again. I put off eating my first meal so that i am able to eat larger meals as opposed to smaller meals, more often throughout the day. This leaves me feeling more full and not as hungry throughout the day. With lower calories, it is important to spread out your meals so that you do not find yourself ravenous come 6:00 pm. Tell yourself that you are going to wait x amount of time between your meals- and stick to that. Distract yourself from those food thoughts by taking a nap, going for a walk, or getting out of the house for a little bit. If I’m hungry and it’s not time for me to eat yet, ill start checking things off my to do list… go to the gym: check, go to the grocery store: check, blog: check… by the time you cross several things off your list– it’ll be time to eat again.


    Random naps outside on the grass… Yup, those happen.

  • CONDIMENTS. Condiments are life on bikini prep. With a lower carb diet typically comes eating a more “bro” diet. By switching up your condiments, you are able to add more flavor and excitement to your meals. Where do i find the best condiments? WEGMANS. Right now i love their Wegman’s brand organic hot sauces in various flavors. They have so many different kinds of mustard that is 0 carbs which are super tasty and delicious. Oh, and of course, reduced sugar ketchup which is a must with only 1 carb per 16 grams.
  • LOW CARB-VOLUME VEGGIES. A low carb diet typically means having to fill your carbs with more veggies that are high in volume and will leave you feeling satisfied on low macros. Typically, the vegetables lowest in carbohydrates are your leafy, green veggies such as spinach, lettuces, asparagus, and broccoli. Other veggies that i enjoy a lot right now are cauliflower, egg plant, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, and mushrooms. Throw some good seasoning and condiments on there and bam, delicious and satisfying.


    A MahiMahi Burger, Habanero BBQ Almonds, and Yellow Squash. Yellow squash is a STAPLE veggie on prep.

  • H20. Water water water! So important. I recently converted back to the “gallon jug life” because i felt like i was slacking on my water consumption… You want to make sure that you are drinking enough, especially when your macros are low. Water will help fill you up (at least a tiny bit). I found myself drinking a lot of artificial flavored beverages so I’ve been trying to cut back. Drinking out of a gallon helps me keep track of how much i am actually drinking and i get sick satisfaction out of knowing how much water i can drink (I’m weird, i know lol).
  • A SWEET TREAT BEFORE BED. If you haven’t grasped by now, i have a huge sweet tooth. So every night, before bed, i make myself a protein pancake to satisfy that sweet craving. There are so many protein pancake/waffle recipes out there so you can use whatever one works for you. Right now this is my go to. IMO it is superior to the “1 carb waffle” that is currently going around social media because it’s more moist and not so dry and just mehhh. It also doesn’t require a whole egg which allows me to save my fat macros for some peanut butter on top… NOMS. To me, this is the perfect cure for my sweet tooth right before bed. Macros (sans toppings): 2F/6C/32P. Here’s the recipe.


1 scoop (32g) PEScience Snickerdoodle Protein

2 oz. egg whites

Pinch of baking powder

80g pure pumpkin puree

Water to consistency (about 2-3 tbsp)

Cook like you would any ole pancake recipe. Of course, you should always top your pancakes with peanut butter and walden farmS 0 calorie pancake syrup. ENJOY. 

  • MINDFUL EATING. How often do you sit down to eat only to realize before you know it your food is almost gone? It is so important to pay attention to your food and eating habits (especially on a low carb diet). Actually taste your food, eat slowly, and savor each bite. Don’t mindlessly stare at your phone or the TV. Put your utensil down between bites and sip on water while you eat. Eating slower helps you feel more satisfied and with less food that’s super important.
  • MINDSET. Now that i think about it, i probably should have put this bullet point first. Mindset is so so important- not just for prep, in general, but especially when you are eating low carb. You have to go into the low carb part of your prep with a positive attitude. You have to realize that this low carb diet is temporary and only for a short amount of time. If you are going to bitch and complain and whine about how you’re so hungry and tired ALL THE TIME… I’m sorry, but no one wants to hear about it. Prep is your choice. You chose to do this. So put on your positive pants, suck it up, and do what you have to do. You and carbohydrates will be reunited before you know it. So until then, smile, choose to look on the bright side and be positive.


    Today’s Motivation from @mbkellyy seemed appropriate. 

So there ya have it…. Some of my Dieting Hacks for those Low Carb Dieting (Prep) Feels. Some of my go to meals right now include Cheeseburger Salads, Veggie Omelettes with cheese, and any and all things GRILLED. It is FINALLY nice weather over here in PA so if you have a grill, use it! You can grill your proteins and vegetables and IMO grilling is superior to any and all other cooking methods.Plus, it is a nice way to switch things up and keep your diet interesting even while eating “bro” with that low carb diet.

What are some of your dieting hacks when you are on a low carb diet? Do you have any favorite low carb recipes? foods? Please comment below and share your ideas with all your fellow dieters, myself included. 

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Talk soon,




2 thoughts on “That Low Carb Life: Dieting Hacks

  1. amandawoolf says:

    Great read! I’ve also found myself topping my night off with a low carb protein pancake or mugcake to fill up my end of day macros. If I use up my macros too early and still have that sweet tooth typically tea or coffee helps me! I actually use regular caffeinated coffee because I am pretty sure that I am just immuned to it at this point and it won’t keep me awake 🙂 Good luck at your show!

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