17 Days Out: Diet Feels

Hello Friends! So for today’s post I thought i would give you a more personal look into my prep thus far. Today is June 8th which means I am 17 days out from my first competition: the NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic. Time flies and I cannot even believe that I have been dieting for over 19 weeks already. Mind boggling.

So I guess the point of this blog post is to give you a little bit of insight into my point of view of this prep… how its going, how I’m feeling, you get the drift..

I thought it would be cool to look back on last years prep and sort of compare it to where I am now…17 days out. At 3 weeks out, last year, I was eating more protein, a tiny bit more carbs, and eating less fat than I am now. Despite taking ALL this time to reverse diet, build my metabolism, and add fat/gain muscle, I am still eating a low caloric intake. I think people have this misconception that just because you take time to reverse diet and build your metabolism, they think that they will be able to diet on higher calories in the future… And that is not necessarily the case…. At least that’s not the case for me. Everyone, everyone’s metabolism, is different.

So yes, yes I am eating less than I was last year at this time. However, last year at 3 weeks out, my weekly average weight was 123.4 lbs. This year, my weekly average is 121.8! That is a 1.6 lb difference. I feel like that is pretty promising- especially when you think about the muscle gains I (hopefully) have made this past off season. I am still anxiously awaiting my lower abs to lean out, as that is always the last to go for me….damn it. This time last year I was saying the same thing to my coach…. But I know that by sticking to the plan, listening to my coach, those lower abs will come out before show time.


New prep low wmeigh in from the other day. Follow me on SNAPCHAT if you don’t already. Username: ohh_kelly

So far, this prep, I have lost over 20 lbs, countless inches, and said goodbye to my chubby cheeks (no complaints on that lol). But what about mentally? I wont lie. Up until about 4 weeks out, I thought prep felt “easy”. Not to say that there were not hard days, or that I didn’t struggle, but going to the gym, hitting my macros, didn’t necessarily require much effort…it just happened. I had loads of energy, I wasn’t starving, and I felt extremely motivated about 95% of the time.


4ISH Weeks Out Memorial Day Fun with the BF

Then….. 4 weeks out happened. It was like I hit a wall. The large macro cut(s),the added cardio, poor recovery, were all finally catching up with me. I had (have) no energy, I am always tired, I’m always hungry, and the gym has become more like a chore. Some days I want to blog or post on social media but I just do not have the energy to come up with posts, interesting topics, or witty captions. So, at this point, I am pretty much running on autopilot. Yes, I still always hit my macros, I always get my lifts in, always do cardio, but it requires a lot more caffeine, a lot more positive self talk, and a lot more effort. And I should have been expecting this. I have been dieting for 19 weeks and it was only a matter of time before prep would take its toll.

I am not telling you this for pity. More so, just telling you that if you are on prep, and you are struggling that it’s OKAY. Not every day is going to be super easy but not everyday is going to be super hard. Some days you will think about cutting your cardio short…but you won’t (and I wont either). Why? Because I did not put all this time, effort, hard work, AKA my heart and soul, into this prep, to give up now.

So I will continue to grind through these low carb days, anxiously awaiting my two back to back refeed days (carbs, I miss you)… because despite the feelings of fatigue and hunger, this is all worth it to me in the end.

I am 17 days out…. I feel like I am so close and yet still so far away. We are at the point where a lot of changes are happening daily and I absolutely cannot wait to see all this hard work pay off and everything finally come together on show day.

IMG_5309 copy resize.jpeg

So, there ya have it. Hopefully you enjoyed this more “personal” type of post. Please hit that “like” button, and subscribe if you aren’t already. If you have any topic you would like for me to talk about during these last 2.5 ish weeks of prep, please feel free to leave a comment below.

And as always, keep checking back for more,




4 thoughts on “17 Days Out: Diet Feels

  1. kristamazefsky says:

    You look amazing!! I always admired people like you and my sister who are able to be so disciplined and motivated!!! I don’t think I could ever compete but lately I’ve been really getting into lifting, I train with Ali sometimes when our schedules don’t conflict and she’s been showing me good stuff to eat…I just have a question!! I have a major sweet tooth and love diet soda, do you think that’s something I should give up?? I know a lot of people argue over whether diet soda is bad for progress or not…what are your thoughts? Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • PBandLaurenKelly says:

      Aw thank you so much for the compliment! Competing can be tough but to me it’s always worth it in the end. And in regards to diet soda, I don’t think it’s anything that you need to give up. I still drink diet soda .. Even on prep. Some people say artificial sweeteners is awful for you and can increase your desire for sweet things… But I find that they help with my sweet tooth craving and it’s better to drink diet than the full fledge soda that has crazy sugar and calories lol.


  2. Chris C says:

    Thank you! Thank you!! I’m sick of seeing people post about flexible dieting and all this food they are eating. That you are a weirdo if you can’t lose weight off 2000 calories. I have a sloooooow metabolism no matter what. It is good to see I’m not alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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