Aldi’s (Low Carb) Grocery Haul

Hello Friends! So I am 10 days out from competition #1… Ahhh. That being said- my diet is not extremely exciting right now. So my main goals for my diet, as of late, have been to keep it simple and filling.. while trying to save as much $$ as possible. There is a lot to pay for in the next few weeks: makeup, hair, nails, orange smelly spray tans- so I have just been trying to be smart about how I spend my hard earned dollars.

One way, I have been trying to save $ is by where I go grocery shopping… Usually, I just go to Walmart. But the past two weeks I have gone somewhere else… ALDIS.


I’ll admit, prior to ever shopping at Aldis, I was skeptical… I thought that the food was poor quality and gross…somewhere old people would shop. LOL clearly I was just jumping to conclusions because that is simply not the case. Aldi’s has a lot of organic, fresh, quality products at really great prices …

This post is to show you some of the quality produce and products you can find when shopping at Aldis, as well as give you some ideas for those low carb foods I am currently eating as I enter this last phase of prep numero uno…


Chicken Tenderloin $5.08

Medium Shrimp $4.99

Frozen Broccoli $1.89

Frozen Steamable Asparagus $2.29

Fresh Asparagus $2.89

Sweet Butter Salad Lettuce $1.99

Green Peppers $1.29 for 2

Zucchini $1.49 for 3

Sliced Mushrooms $1.69

Strawberries $1.50

Canned Pumpkin $0.89

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes $0.99

Garlic Powder $0.99

These are just some of the great foods you can purchase at Aldis. I only buy enough produce for what i think i will need for a few days, maybe a week that is why this is not a huge “haul.” However, they do have really great quality foods at really great prices. The only food that I needed to buy that they did not have, at least when I went, was liquid egg whites. If you have an Aldi’s around you, I definitely recommend going to check it out. If you do, bring a reusable shopping bag with you and bring a quarter if you want/need to use a shopping cart. (They do not provide you with either-bags or a cart). It is a small price to pay for all the money you will save shopping at Aldis.

Have YOU ever shopped at Aldi’s? What was your experience? What are some of your favorite Aldi food finds? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to share with me any ideas you may have for future posts.

Talk soon,




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