Show Recap: NPC East Coast Classic

Hello Friends! So it has been a hot minute since my last blog post and that is mainly because life has been crazy busy the past week or two. From peak week, my long distance- turned-real-life-bestie coming into town for my show, traveling, and show day itself, my attention span and time to sit down and blog has been pretty much nonexistent. Oops. BUT, we are 3 days post show and it is time to buckle down and fill you in on the NPC EAST COAST CLASSIC.


Peak week is always an exciting time because the end goal of show day is slow close. While it is ultimately supposed to be a relatively relaxing time, there is always SO MUCH to get done. I worked my job Monday and Tuesday while simultaneously taking nonstop pictures for my coach/tracking my water/sodium/low macros/and increased cardio. On Wednesday, i picked up my teammate/bestie, Ash Mitch, from the airport. This girl was kind enough to fly in FROM CALIFORNIA, to watch me compete at my show. This could turn into a long drawn out ramble about how grateful i am to have her as a friend but I’m trying not to get sappy here lol. (Just know-Ash Mitch-I love you). Anyway, back on track… Wednesday we shaved my entire body. Thursday, still gym, still cardio, still low carb… Went and did girly things, got our nails/toes done, last minute show day shopping a la tarjay, and packed. Friday- woke up, still had cardio to do, STILL low carb, no lifting….Packed up the car and off to Baltimore we went.


The drive to Baltimore was about 3.5 hours. Besides having to stop to pee 2x because #fluids, the drive went off without a hitch. We arrived at the host hotel a few moments before my tanning appointment at 3 pm. (Side note: Something to keep in mind that i know i did not consider was parking. If you are doing a show, in a big city, chances are the host hotel/venue will NOT have free parking. You will have to pay to park EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you go there. This can cost at least $9 per time which adds up- tan: park. check in: park. venue: park. leave venue and come back: park. You get the point…. So, if you have someone who can chauffeur you around…take advantage (shoutout to you Ash Mitch)). Got my first coat of tan and was told to come back at 5 AM the next day for my top coat which would make me super dark. Following my tan, i checked in, bought my NPC card, recieved my number- HELLO #105. I did not wear my suit to check in but was able to simply show the guys at check in a photo of myself in my suit for them to deem whether or not it was “appropriate”. It was. Following check in, we drove to our hotel which was NOT the host hotel (saved ourselves some $$) and met up with my boyfriend. We checked into our room, then went back to the host hotel to get the boyfriend all bronze and check him into the show. Once we were back at the hotel, we prepped and packed our food for show day, took more pics for coach, practiced posing, and went to bed relatively early. I definitely did not get a deep nights sleep, it was more of a light sleep but that was way better than not sleeping at all. Woke up in the middle of the night to pee and let me just tell you…..Peeing in the middle of the night, squatting, through a dixie cup (so you dont mess up your tan)..while slighly dehydrated…. is not my idea of a good time LOL.


Woke up on show day at 4:30 am. Drank a little water, salt, and went on a short walk with the boyfriend to get our minds right and our blood flowing. I came back, straightened my own hair, and by 5:15 we were out the door to go get our top coat of tan. We tanned and then went to the venue for the Athlete’s meeting at 7:30 am… OMG the venue was FRIGID. (Show tip: bring a blanket, sweatsuit, or long sleeve button up with you in your show day suitcase, JUST IN CASE. Being cold can make you miserable). Following that, Ash Mitch and I went to the host hotel, where i got my makeup done by the official makeup artists for the show. In my opinion, they did an amazing job and was well worth the cost. (I have no make up skills whatsoever). Loved my makeup.


By the time we got back to the venue and backstage… i was told “are you bikini- you need to be backstage getting glazed asap”….i entered panic mode a little bit. I hadn’t eaten my second meal yet- egg whites and rice cakes with pb&j  and i had to scarf that down quick. I felt rushed and still had to get a quick pump in, send pics to my coach, touch up my hair…sigh. Eventually i was able to calm down, relax, pump up, and do what i needed to do. I was in Open Bikini E and Novice Bikini B. I did my individual routine for Open. I was nervous on stage and towards the end, i felt a bit rushed (they had started to call the next girl before i was done..ahhh). Looking back, i did think my individual routine looked pretty good and thought i would be able to get some good stage shots out of it. (Verdict- i did. Love my official stage shots). I was in first call outs for open (yay me) and i think third? for novice. They moved me to center for my novice class and i was hella excited about that irregardless of the call outs lol.


Once i got off stage, i supported the boyfriend backstage for a while before they kicked me out and i went to watch in the audience. He recieved first callouts, in BOTH his classes, in his FIRST physique competition, and i could not even express how excited and proud i was for him. Once he got off stage, we left the venue and went back to our hotel to relax, eat, and take a nap before the night show and finals.


Once we were back at the venue, the night show went relatively quickly for us bikini girls. Luckily, we were not the last group to go on stage. We did not get to do our individual routines again for finals, we were simply acknowleged and placings were awarded. I recieved 3rd place in my Open Class and was very happy with that. I also placed 9th out of 16 in my Novice class. IMO, i think i looked even better than my previous competitions and it was nice to see that my hardwork paid off. The boyfriend placed 5th in his Novice Class and 3rd in his True Novice Class. SO SO PROUD OF HIM. By the time he got off stage, it was probably around 9 pm.

We took ALOT of photos with Ash, my mom, my dad, my stepmom, and little brother. I was so grateful that they were able to come and support me. This is not my mom’s cup of tea so the fact that she came to support me regardless makes my heart happy. Alex, my stepmom, had never been able to see my compete before so i was glad that her and my dad were able to come and watch the boyfriend and i, BOTH, take home some hardware. My support system is so amazing and it makes me so happy. The only person missing was my sister/twin/other half. We were able to FaceTime a few times throughout the day which was nice so she could tell me which way she liked my hair best, show her my posing, and for her to encourage me to kick booty. Definitely cried on some of those FaceTime calls but what did you expect? Dieting gives me all the feels lol. I wish my sister could have been there but i know she was supporting me even being hundreds of miles away. (Morgan, i love you).



If you know anything about me, you know exactly where i was headed for food post competition…CHEESECAKE FACTORY. Once we got there, the wait time was 40 minutes but honestly i would have waited 2 hours lol… WORTH IT. So what did i eat??

  • First things first: Diet coke and a water. SO THIRSTY and i had missed my artificial diet soda and carbonated beverages.
  • A piece of brown bread and half a piece of white bread.
  • Split the mac and cheese bites, mac and cheese burger, and some fries with the boyfriend. What i couldn’t finish (because i had to save room for cheesecake-duh) i gave to the fam and the bf.
  • The MAIN EVENT: Adam’s PB Fudge Ripple Cheesecake. Also had a few bites of the Salted Caramel Cheesecake that the boyfriend ordered….

This meal was SO SO SOOO good and everything i expected it to be. Even better than i expected. I ate mindfully and didn’t stuff myself silly. By the end of the meal, yes, i was full. But i didn’t feel sick and i enjoyed every bite.


We used Sunday morning as a chance to sleep in and relax following the compeititon. We packed up our hotel room, stopped at Starbucks (because i had missed my iced coffee with 2 pumps sugar free caramel), and headed home. I was back on my previous peak week macros because i was back on competition prep. Once i was back to my apartment, Ash and I headed straight to the gym for cardio (no lifting) because despite being tired from driving and a busy show weekend, there is no time to slack being so close to another show.

To summarize those rambles: I’d say it was a successful NPC East Coast Classic. Both the boyfriend and I brought home some hardware, i got to spend time with my friends and family, and was able to enjoy some delicious cheesecake. I feel like I brought an improved physique to the stage compared to my previous competitons and that is what competing is all about. I am now 10 days out from my next competition, the NPC Northeast Summer Classic, in White Plains, NY. The goal is to come in a little bit tighter and to practice my posing as much as possible in the next 10 days.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my social media updates and sent me text messages to wish me luck on show day. No comment or text went unnoticed and I was and am very grateful for the love and support. Im excited to see where i end up the next time i step on stage.

Hopefully i will be a little bit better, faster, at updating you on this next peak week and competition day but we shall see lol. For quicker show day updates, follow me on my other social medias I.E. Instagram (ohh_lkellyy) and Snapchat (ohh_lkelly) as i post alot on those throughout the course of peak week and show day.

Thanks so much for reading this post and keep checking back for more,









4 thoughts on “Show Recap: NPC East Coast Classic

  1. ashmitchfit says:

    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this exciting weekend! So proud of you, your dedication, and your openness in sharing your experiences through prep. I’m blessed to call you a friend ❤️ Kick this next week’s ass and give me all the post comp food details in real time 😂 I love you!

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