My Offseason Goals


Hello friends! So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged..again. Surprise surprise. I did a poll on social media asking for what you guys wanted to see. The winner? My offseason goals and plans.

I think the reason why it has taken me so long to get around to actually writing this post is because i was unsure. Unsure about my off season goal, what was “next”, and what my plan is for my off season. You spend so long dieting, leaning out, losing weight, spending hours at the gym and doing cardio that once it’s over it’s what?

Well after talking with my coach, thinking with myself, taking judges feedback into consideration… i think i have finally come up with at least a rough idea of my offseason goals and plans.


Physique Update: 7/26/16

The overall goal of this “improvement season” is to restore my metabolism, get calories back up to a healthy place, all while staying 10-15 within my stage weight. The reason why i want to stay within this range is so that when i do step on stage again, i won’t have to prep as long and hopefully i will be able to cut on higher macros the next time around. (Fingers crossed on that one).

How long of an “off season?” So here are my thoughts.. As of right now, the goal is to not step on stage again until 2018. That’s over a year from now. Im blowing my own mind with this one… I want to take this off season and focus on growth…physically and mentally.

Physically: i want to focus on bringing up my upper body, shoulders, lats, and back, and focus on bringing up my glutes. (Because what bikini girl doesn’t want bigger glutes??) I also want to focus on training my abs 2x a week. Even though i absolutely HATE training abs i know that training them consistently in my off season will really pay off next time i step on stage. Overall, just adding more muscles to my package. I also want to focus regaining my strength and energy in the gym. My strength took a drastic hit this prep and i am anxious to get back to “lifting heavy” and beating my previous 1RPM.

Mentally: Ah, that lovely word balance. Everyone hates on the word but honestly, i think it is perfect. Balance means something different to everyone which is what i like about it. BALANCE IS WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE. I want to focus on finding a balance between tracking and not tracking my macros. Right now, we have incorporated 1 tracked refeed day into my plan. Eventually, i would like to switch to having one free day a week that is untracked just to give me a little more flexibility and freedom. I do not want to spend the next 17 months meticulously tracking every gram of food i put into my body, and in off season, i do not think it’s necessary to do so.

Taking 2017 off from stage means being able to focus on other areas of my life as well. I want to focus on finding a big girl job, focus on my move to NY with my boyfriend, experience NYC life, and focus more on my other hobbies…whether that is blogging, or trying a new hobby (like powerlifting perhaps?) Who knows…we shall see. I want to be able to travel,go on vacation, and visit my sister without worrying about prepping for a show, paying for shows, or having to spend 2 hours in the gym daily….Pretty much, i want to focus on life. Oh, and i want to enjoy foods that i can’t really enjoy on prep… I.E. Cheesecake (duh), froyo, and crossing off the numerous NYC restaurants the boyfriend and i have added to our NYC Food Tour check list….HA.

So i don’t know if this post is all over the place, it probably is, but as of right now, this is my plan. I am feeling in a really good place mentally at the moment and i can’t wait to see all the progress *physical and mental* that i can achieve in the next 17 months.

Off season, improvement season, whatever you want to call it…. LET’S DO THIS.

Please give this post a “like” and feel free to comment with an ideas you may have for future blog topics in the future… 

Talk soon,




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