6 Weeks Post Competition//NY//Life Update

Hello friends! We meet again! Things are starting to (kinda) settle down here when it comes to my life so i feel like i can no longer use the craziness as an excuse to slack on my blogging…. because lets be honest, I’ve been slacking hardcore.

I was talking to my sister about my blog the other day and she suggested that i should do i blog post that talks about all the changes going on in my life, my move, new job, my reverse diet, all that jazz.. So i thought why not? Figured i’d throw the chaos that is my life into one post and give you guys a bit of an update… Hopefully i don’t ramble too much and this comes off as an organized post but…we shall see.

So let’s not beat around the bush, lets just jump right into the havoc that has been my life



Today is August 21st, which means i have been in New York for almost 22 days. I moved back in with my boyfriend, into a studio apartment, in New York, and brought my cat, Lupin, along with us. We are more or less settled into our place at this point. We are a tad short on storage space but i think we are making it work. I LOVE the location of our apartment because we have everything we need close by. The gym is like 3 minutes away, I could walk to a Starbucks if i wanted to, countless grocery stores are close by (including a trader joes…hell yes) and it makes going places easy. We are also about 30 or so minutes away from NYC (by metro) which makes it awesome if we ever want to go into the city for the day or night. Perfect.



Moving requires mucho $$ and as a server this meant that i needed a new job ASAP. Because if you aren’t working you aren’t making any money…and i just can’t have that. The cost of living in NY is a lot higher than that in PA so a new job was necessary at the earliest opportunity. I applied at a bunch of restaurants online although i was really holding out for the dream serving job offer from…Cheesecake Factory. Well, after two interviews and a free piece of cheesecake later, i was HIRED. Needless to say, i was super stoked about this. (If you follow me on social media you saw my initial excitement haha).

I started training at Cheesecake two weeks ago at this point and training included several days of menu review, following, certification, and EATING. I had countless pieces of cheesecake, appetizers, small plates, entrees, salads, small plates…. ALL THE FOOD. And yes, i enjoyed every single minute of it… LOVE CHEESECAKE OMG. I get a great discount which i will be taking full advantage of (half price cheesecake… always a good idea if you ask me). My last day of training will be Monday and then i am official certified at Cheesecake and can pick up shifts and finally be put on the schedule. So far, i love it. It’s taking some adjusting getting back to working 6 days a week but i am finally getting back into a bit of routine and into the swing of things.

I am still on the look out, and keep applying, for the “big girl” nutritionist job and have an interview, or two, set up in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, you can find me at Cheesecake.


It has been about 6 weeks since my last competition of the season which means I am 6 weeks into my reverse diet. Overall, i would say it has been going really well. Calories have gone up by about 500 and cardio has stayed consistent at minimal amounts. It’s funny, now that I’m not doing a shit ton of cardio 7 days a week, i actually don’t mind the little cardio that i do have to do….#perspective lol. Weight has been going up slowly as expected and i am a few lbs up from my stage weight. Up until last week i was pretty consistent with my food and hitting my macros. There were a few days that i had to “go with the flow” and couldn’t hit my macros exactly or plan my food in advance. No big deal. I went with the flow, didn’t stress, and made smart choices. Great, awesome. I was weighing myself everyday just to keep accurate track of how my body was responding…

…Up until last week. I did take some time off from weighing myself when i had my training at Cheesecake. I knew the scale was going to be up and jumping all over the place because of more food, more sodium, consistent poopin (LOL sorry if that’s tmi ha), eating foods I’m not used to, and so on and so forth. I didn’t want this to affect my mood or get into my own head too much, so i just chose to not weigh myself at all. I gave myself a few days to get back to my normal eating schedule, drinking water, feeling like myself before i stepped on the scale again. When i did, the number really was not that much higher (if at all) than it was prior to training at Cheesecake so that’s a metabolism WIN in my book.

I currently get one refeed day a week. It is not a “free meal” or a “free day” at this point but it does mean more carbs which i enjoy. I don’t have specific macros to hit- i have a range which helps provide me with a little more flexibility which is nice. The boyfriend and i typically make this day our Date Night and go out to eat, try new restaurants, and just enjoy each others company. This week our refeed day consisted of TACOS which i had been dreaming about all week. NOMS. Eventually i do want to incorporate untracked meals but at only 6 weeks post show i do want to give my body time to adjust…slow and steady wins the race.

I’ve also been enjoying my reverse diet and higher macros because of the ability to incorporate more variety into my diet. It’s nice to be able to have more choices and to eat foods that are a little more calorically dense than i was eating previously….ie bagels and lenny and larry’s cookies.


Overall, i am felling very positive and satisfied with how things are going this offseason. The week of classroom training at Cheesecake left me feeling a little bloated and out of sorts, it was food overload let me tell you lol, but after getting back to my “normal” eating habits and fluid consumption, i feel great and back to normal.

My strength in the gym is not coming back as quickly as i would like, however, slowly is better than not at all. It is something that i am working on and trying to focus on in the upcoming weeks.

Offseason, to me, is focusing less on the #s and more about being objective and flexible. To me, this means trying new foods, going out to eat with my boyfriend, using the scale as a tool and not reflecting/over analyzing how much i weigh, not weighing every little thing i put into my body and/or stressing about hitting my macros spot on every single day. I will not bring my food scale with me when i go out to eat because i do not find it necessary to reach my short term or long term goals at this point.

I am choosing to look at the POSITIVES of offseason instead of the negatives. To me, the positives include more food, more energy, more time outside of the gym, going out to eat, energy to explore the new city I’m in and make new friends, less hunger pains, and growing the booty and these muscles…. did i mention more food? Attitude is everything and i fully plan to embrace this offseason as a time to grow physically and mentally.

Hopefully this post gives you a little bit of an idea about where my life is at. Summary: I am in New York, working at Cheesecake, eating food, and being positive. I want to get back to blogging on a more regular and consistent basis so PLEASE comment below with any ideas you may have for future blog posts. What would you like to see me talk about, diet tips, more about reverse dieting, my past experience, etc….please let me know.

I look forward to putting out more content for you guys and i am excited to see what this next chapter of my life entails. Thanks so much for reading my post and keep checking back for more.

Talk soon,




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