What is “Fitness”

Hello friends… So my next post was originally going to be “Post Show Blues” (that post is still coming but it’s not quite ready yet), however sometimes life happens and thoughts pop into my head that i just feel the need to ramble about.. Like yesterday, on the drive back to my apartment after the boyfriend’s 27th birthday lunch festivities…. I was driving home thinking i best blog this before i forget haha…so as a result, here we are…

I am going to preface this post by saying that this is NOT me convincing myself that it is okay to eat off track. This is not a long drawn out caption about why i didn’t track my macros or apologizing for not following my reverse diet. This is simply me rambling off to you about my experiences and some observations i have made in the past few days.


@ the bf’s 27th birthday (feast) festivities

So yesterday, when i was driving home from lunch i got to thinking about how thankful i was that i listened to my sister (shoutout to you @mbkellyy — you da real mvp) who told me to “live a little” when i was deciding what i wanted to eat at Westchester Burger Co. for the boyfriend’s birthday. I had texted her the day before asking if i should stick to my macros and plan out my own “burger” or if i should just eat whatever i wanted. Her response to me? LIVE A LITTLE -You get one birthday, once a year (well, in this case, it’s my boyfriend’s infinite birthday macros, but hey, same difference right?) Because of her advice, i did just that. I lived. I got what i wanted to eat. Not what i felt like i “had” to get. If i hadn’t, if i would have gotten the boring-stereotypical- salad with chicken blah blah, and spent the entire time wishing that i would have gotten what i really wanted on the menu as opposed to what i felt like i was “supposed” to get (i.e. whatever would fit my macros). I was able to enjoy the delicious burger that i WANTED to eat and actually enjoy the company of my boyfriend. Instead of letting my thoughts tell me “mrrrp, should’ve just gotten that juicy delicious burger with blue cheese that you know you really wanted”. There is a time and a place to be more strict and concerned with my reverse diet macros, but that day was not this day.

And i think that that is something important to realize… We do not always have to be 100% with our diet and training. We do not have to be 100% fitness every single day. Sometimes i have to remind myself of that. If i hit my macros 90% of the time that’s still an A… Hell, an 80% is still a B and I’m fine with that too haha. If you want to go out for pizza with friends, do it. If your lady friend is in town and you want to down a pint of b&j, i say go for it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and allowing yourself days “off”. Now a days on social media, we see so many girls(or guys, too) who are so “on” all the time. Always hitting their macros, always getting their workouts in, always looking perfect, having this perfect body and perfect life.  We can get caught up on trying to be like them that we can sometimes think that being the same way is the only way to reach or goals or the only way to make progress. They portray this level of perfect on social media that we start to think there is a right and wrong way to do fitness… that if we don’t do what they do then we are doing something wrong… Sometimes we just have to sit back, and remind ourselves that “perfect” doesn’t exist. No one has a perfect life or the perfect body. No one is as perfect as they make their lives out to be on social media. Despite knowing that social medias are simply a “highlight reel” i think sometimes we forget that (myself included).

For myself, at this point you know i am well into my reverse diet. Social media is great because it allows you to connect with others who have similar interests and relate to girls who are experiencing what you are experiencing as well. I look at social media, instagram, snapchat, and see all these girls who are sticking to their macros 100% during their reverse diet. They are going to parties and choosing to track their macros. They are 3 lbs. up from their stage weight and look just as lean, with shredded abs, months after their show. This can make girls, myself included, question their choices and their methods. i SHOULD i track my macros meticulously to the gram so i don’t get super fat. i SHOULD i eat this because it is healthier. i SHOULD i be doing X amount of cardio because this girl does and she looks great…. For me,  that was thinking “i SHOULD hit my macros (going out to eat for my bf’s birthday, because i just had a refeed on Sunday and it’s only Wednesday. You shouldn’t have two refeed days 3 days apart”.  I hate to admit that that is how i was thinking. Who says I can’t have two refeed days in one week? WHO SAYS? It’s my life and my reverse diet. What i choose to do is my decision. Why would i let others’ dictate  how i spend MY time and nourish MY body. Food for thought.


Yes, i ate this. Bison burger, blue cheese, truffle oil, arugula,tomato, on a focaccia roll. @ Westchester Burger Co.

One day, two days, three days, of not hitting your macros, not going to the gym, doesn’t hinder you from making progress, it doesn’t mean you automatically stop caring or stop working towards your goals. Sometimes other areas of your life take priority and that is OKAY. You don’t have to justify why you eat this/that or do this/that. There is no one way to do things and just because someone else is doing this or that doesn’t mean that it is wrong or right.. it just is. Maybe it works for them and that is great. But that doesn’t mean it has to work for you. Being super rigid and not allowing yourself the flexibility you need or want, physically and mentally, doesn’t make you better than someone who chooses, for example, when and when not to hit their macros.

I feel like often times we get so caught up in doing what we are “supposed to”. What social media tells us we are “supposed to do” to be “fitspo” or relevant when it comes to fitness. Track your macros, intuitively eat, go to the gym 6x a week, don’t do cardio- you’re in off season, oh your reverse dieting-oh shit, better hit those macros even though you’ve been prepping the past 6 months… you get my point.

We sometimes think fitness means being shredded and seeing big muscles but in all honesty, the shreds don’t mean shit. Yes, it’s easy for me to say shreds don’t matter when I’m still relatively lean. But the person with the visible muscle probably isn’t stronger than the dude 2 years into his “off season” with no shreds in sight. That 6 pack doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better or more fit than some one who doesn’t have a six pack. In “off season” us competitors can struggle mentally with seeing our bodies change and seeing the shreds slowly disappear. We can question if we gained weight too fast or if people will think we let ourselves go…. blah blah. But gaining weight doesn’t mean that  you are any less “fit”. You are improving your metabolism, building strength, repairing your hormone levels, and that is so important for your health (physically and mentally). A leaner you, is not a better you OR a more fit version of you, it’s just a different version of you.

Fitness is such a relative concept that i think it’s easy to have a skewed perception of what “being fit” or “doing fitness” means. Fitness is subjective. What do you love to do? If you love long distance running, do that. If you love lifting heavy shit, do that. If you hate lifting, DON’T DO IT. You do not have to do what everyone else is doing. Do you love yoga? Do it. Namaste. (haha i don’t even know what that word means).

If you don’t want to track your macros, you do not have to. If you think tracking your macros leaves you feeling restricted, you do not have to track them. Fitness is not a one size fits all. On social media these days, you see the same people…promoting the same protein company, promoting the same peanut butters, sharing the same sponsors… and it’s just like ………….. Yes, some of these are good products and i do use some of them but i think it gives people the wrong idea. Just because the people you follow on social media use/promote something, doesn’t mean it’s the “right” product. You don’t even have to like the products everyone else is using. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to feel adequate in your fitness journey or to reach your goals. I promise you, you will be just as fit if you buy the protein powder from Walmart instead of buying the $60 protein powder using x,y,and z’s discount code. (And side note: just because someone is shredded, with six pack abs, and sells a “customized nutrition and booty building guide”- does not mean they are qualified and know what the heck they are talking about… but don’t even get me started on that lol anyway).

The definition of FITNESS, according to Webster’s dictionary, is “the quality or state of being fit”. Okay, so i read that and was like wow, that’s pretty vague. UM DUH, THAT IS EXACTLY MY POINT. The definition of fitness is vague because it can be whatever you want it to be. It can be tracking your macros during the week and not tracking during the weekends or it can be not tracking at all. It can be lifting heavy AF or doing yoga and meditating 3 times a week. It can mean competing in bikini competitions, competing in powerlifting, or never competing in anything. Fitness means something different to every single person and that is okay. That’s what makes it awesome and fun. Don’t get so caught up in what everyone else is doing, what other people will think, that you end up living your life for everyone else but you. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect how you live your life-fitness and non fitness alike.  Fitness should be whatever is maintainable and enjoyable for you..YOUR happy place.


Eating 22.5 oz of froyo, with my boyfriend, to celebrate his 27th birthday. My “happy place”-My “fitness”

And there you have it. My thoughts on “fitness”. I tried to make this post not so all over the place.. was i successful? I’m not sure- you tell me haha. I hope you are able to relate to this post in some way and if you are, please “like” this post and comment below with what YOUR definition is of fitness. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and talk soon,





3 thoughts on “What is “Fitness”

  1. bodybybiff says:

    So true. Just like how everyone bashes balance….I was all about balance now more about mental soundness which…maybe is the same thing? I don’t know. All I know is happiness is more important than abs.


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