September Favorites

Hello friends! Another month has flown by and now ’tis the season for all things fall and pumpkin spice. You won’t hear any complaints from me being the basic white girl that I am. I am in love with all things pumpkin, apple, any fall flavors really…. The colder weather, i’m not necessarily a fan, but that’s besides the point. We are 6 days into October so let’s rewind to September and I will fill you in on some of this past months’ favorites.

Here we go…

  • Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese. My friend Ash Mitch turned me on to this delicious creation and my oh my i am SO glad that she did. Not only is the nutritional info great (6F/5C/1P for 2 tbsp) but it tastes even better. It has a really great, creamy, light texture that tastes like a light cloud of pumpkin spice. I pretty much eat this stuff two times a day since i bought it. I put it on my pancakes, french toast, on my cream of wheat, on bagels, and caramel rice cakes… Do yourself a favor and go buy this as it is limited edition and (unfortunately) won’t be around forever. Obsessed.

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese… i put this on all the things. SO good.

  • Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash Soup. Now, this soup isn’t a “new” find. I was obsessed with this soup when i discovered it last fall and recently became reintroduced when Panera rolled out their fall menu. Yup…. it is just as good as it was last year. It is a cream based butternut squash and pumpkin soup that has hints of honey, apple, cinnamon, and curry. It is slightly sweet, but not too sweet, and has a really great smooth and creamy texture. It’s topped with pumpkin seeds that offer a great crunch. Panera only uses the freshest, natural ingredients- so that’s a plus AND this dish is also meat free for all you vegetarians out there. Dip your sandwich and/or your baguette into this soup…. trust me on this. Reminds me of Thanksgiving.  The nutritional information for a cup of this soup is 11F/29C/5P. Worth it. Go get yourself some of this autumn squash soup to go, snuggle up with some blankets and a movie… Perfection. 

Panera’s Autumn Squash Soup paired with the Thai Chicken Salad… Perfect Combo. SO GOOD.

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. Yup, more pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios have been my protein ice cream topping of choice for the past month and I am not mad about it. Not the biggest fan of plain cheerios (too basic for me) but i can get down with this basic white girl flavor. With just the right amount of pumpkin, nut meg, and cinnamon flavor they are perfect for autumn. Whether that be in a bowl with milk, toppings on fluff bowls, or straight out of the box- this cereal makes me excited about fall adventures and pumpkin picking. If you are looking to switch up your cereal choices, i would recommend you give these a try. Macros for 1 serving (28g): 1F/22C/2P. 



  • Nestle Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer. What can i say…. I wanted to try all things pumpkin this month (clearly). Now typically I am a black coffee-two pink packets kind of girl. However, ’tis the season right? Picked this bad boy up at the store and figured i would give it a go. This is the regular not the sugar free version and i still think the macros are pretty good for a coffee creamer. 1.5F/5C/0P per serving. I bought this version because it’s only a 16 fl oz container… I don’t need a HUGE 32 fl oz. container of coffee creamer but hey-that’s just me. I add a splash to my morning coffee for the perfect hint of pumpkin spice. And if you top your coffee with some whipped cream too, it’s pretty much like drinking pumpkin pie. How can you say no to that?? I also have added a splash over top of my morning cream of wheat. Never tried that before? You are missing out. So why not branch out from your typical vanilla or hazelnut coffee creamer and get in the holiday spirit with this seasonal pumpkin spice flavor. 


  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter. YAS. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Trader Joes because this cookie butter is the holy grail of all things pumpkin spice. It’s like cookie butter and pumpkin pie had a baby…. This cookie butter has the warm spice you want from anything pumpkin flavored and the texture is great. It is a mostly smooth butter yet has some what of a grittiness to it because they left some of the cookie chunks in there. Last time i went to TJ’s, i could not find this…I left crying. Not serious, but almost. You can put this stuff on anything and everything and it tastes amazing-bagels, bread, pancakes, pumpkin stuffed french toast, yes….. you need this in your life. Macros for this cookie butter are a tad high (in my opinion) but WELL WORTH IT. Macros per 2 tbsp: 15F/20C/1P.


    Pumpkin french toast, stuffed with pumpkin cream cheese filling, and topped with pumpkin pie spice cookie butter. SO MUCH YAS.

  • Pandora’s 2000’s Hip Hop Radio Playlist. The only nonfood item to make my list of September favorites but i definitely think it is worth mentioning. Nothing is worse than being at the gym and having to constantly hit “skip” on pandora because the music sucks, the beats too slow, and/or it is just so not motivating. This playlist has been the answer to my prayers. With music from Missy Elliot, Eminem, Nelly, Lil Jon, and so many more… It is the perfect playlist for me when I am at the gym (attempting) to lift heavy ish…. So next time you’re at the gym- 2000’s Hip Hop Radio… give it a listen. You are welcome. 

So there you have it. I guess it wasn’t so much a “September Favorites” as it was a mostly “Pumpkin Flavored Favorites” but hey haha close enough.

Comment and let me know if you have tried any of my favorites, along with what YOUR favorites were for the month of September. Please give this post a “like” if you enjoy these types of posts and keep checking back for more blog posts and more pumpkin favorites.

Talk soon,





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