Bad Body Image Days & How to Deal

Hello, friends! I hope everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends and ate lots of yummy food… I know i did. The boyfriend and I spent Thanksgiving, in New York, testing our 1 rep max for squats (205# for me…yay), lots of cooking, eating, watching football (go cowboys!), and putting up our holiday decorations. Our tummies were full and our studio apartment is now looking hella festive…a win win.

So, now Thanksgiving is over and the majority of us are back to our normally scheduled school and work routines. Perhaps you over indulged all weekend, spend the week enjoying foods you don’t normally eat, or it’s just “one of those days” and you’re feeling “off”. You feel bloated, blah, and just mehh. (Let me just say- there is nothing wrong with eating off track, eating foods outside your normal scope, and enjoying different food during the holidays. Simply just saying, that sometimes, as a result we may be feeling “off” or not our best the days following. Anyway…moving on….).

We all have those days were we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see or how we feel.

“Ew, i look fat.”

“I look ugly today”

“My skin looks like crap”

“Wow, im so fluffy”

“I feel bloated and fat af”

“Where’d my abs go?”

“Ew, where’d that roll come from?”

Blah blah blah… we have all been there. Myself included. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a physique athlete, in competition prep, in “off season”, or maybe it’s just that time of the  month *cough cough*… you ladies know what I’m talking about. Some days we wake up, look in the mirror, and start picking ourself apart and drawing attention to every perceived imperfection.


I ask you… How does this help us? Does it make us feel good about yourselves? Nope, nope it doesn’t. So WHY do we do it? We’ve all heard the saying, ” We are our own worst critic” and unfortunately it’s so true.

So when you have these negative thoughts.. What do you do? Do you let these thoughts make you feel bad about yourself or your body, or let them ruin your day? I sure hope not. So, I have come up with some helpful tips to help you combat these negative thoughts and instead, fill yourself with positive self talk and body positivity.

  • Stop with the negative thoughts. Yes, you could continue tearing yourself apart but what good will that do? I can guarantee you won’t feel better after putting yourself down. Trust me on this. 
  • Don’t keep staring in the mirror- walk away. The same reasoning as above. Don’t leave yourself in a situation where you are tempted to continue talking negatively about yourself. You will only feel worse.
  • Ask yourself how you feel. Why are you feeling what you’re feeling? Are you stressed at work? Did you get a crappy night sleep? Sad? Angry about a situation? All of these emotions are relevant. One emotion/feeling that is not relevant is saying, ” I feel fat”. Fat is not a feeling and fat is not a word you should EVER use to describe yourself. 
  • Say something positive about yourself: physical and not physical. For example, i like my legs because they are strong and allow me to squat 205#. I like that i am a good friend and i am always there for my friends when they need me. Write these down or say them out loud… or hey, do both. If you are having a hard time- ask a friend. If i need some positive feedback or motivation, ill shoot @mbkellyy a text and she’ll give me her genuine opinion. A real friend can show you what you are unable to see in yourself. 
  • Do something that makes you feel good. Whether that is doing your hair and makeup and putting on a cute outfit or getting your nails done, go do it. Take a bubble bath with a fun bath bomb, watch your favorite movie, or read your favorite book… It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. I always feel sassy and fierce after i go get my nails done… perhaps you will too. 
  • Know your outside appearance does NOT define who you are as a person. All the scale does is measure your gravitational pull towards the earth- that’s it. You are more than a number and you are more than your looks. What matters is your character, who you are as a person, and how you treat others. You are your goals, your passions, and your dreams. The size of your jeans, your abs (or lack there of), don’t define you as a person. You are no better or worse because of them. 
  • Practice self love. Instead of being mean to yourself, treat yourself like you would a friend. Would you tell your friend that she looks fat today? Of course not! So why would you speak to yourself that way? Talk to yourself like you would your friend. Tell yourself how amazing you are. Tell yourself you are funny, smart, sassy, kind, caring, and a bad ass… tell yourself again and again. Then, repeat. Make a list of all your positive, amazing qualities and put it somewhere you can be reminded on the daily whether that be on your phone or on your mirror. Wherever. Use it as a daily reminder that you are amazing no matter what  always practice positive self talk and always be kind to yourself. 


Next time you wake up not feeling your best, remember, that you have the ability to combat those negative thoughts and feelings. You have the power to love yourself regardless of the number on the scale or those thoughts in your head telling you you atumblr_n5z45iNw8H1sl4gu3o7_1280.jpgren’t good enough. You are enough. You are more than your outward appearance. The next time you wake up feeling “meh”, remember these tips to turn your bad body image day right back around.

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Talk soon,




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