Blogmas Day 1: Holiday Food Favorites

Hello, my festive holiday people. ‘Tis December 1st and so begins day 1 of Blogmas and all things Christmas related. I’m so excited because I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!

This is one of my favorite blog topics to write because it is so easy and I love sharing all of my favorites with you. These have been a few of my favorite food finds from the month of November and how perfect is it that the majority of these food items are holiday related. Just perfect for the start of Blogmas if I do say so myself. I love all things Christmas, especially the food… so I’ll say no more. Let’s just jump right in to my Holiday Food Favorites.

Archer Farms Holiday Edition Rudolph’s Mix. This stuff is crack. My holiday crack. This stuff is amazing. It has white and milk chocolate covered cereal (aka puppy chow-YUM), graham cracker bites, red and green M&Ms, and mini peanut butter cups. Like how could that combo not be delicious? But I warn you- once you get started, you won’t be able to stop going back for more. It’s addictive. This Rudolph Mix is one of my favorite festive food finds during Christmas. Run don’t walk to your nearest Target and get you some. This trail mix is only around for the holiday season and you will not want to miss out on trying this delicious holiday concoction.


Archer Farms Holiday Drizzle: Caramel Corn Clusters. Archer Farms you are the real MVP of the holiday season with all yo’ snacks. Archer Farms has several festive flavors of popcorn but I opted for this one because helloooo- white chocolate is delicious. And there is red and green sprinkles which make it oh, so festive. The best pieces are the ones where the caramel corn is clustered into big clumps because there is so much caramel and white chocolate stuck together. YUM. I’ll warn you about this too- you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back for more. You win Target. Too damn good.


Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. Now, I am not typically the girl who goes to Starbs and orders lattes. I’m not a huge PSL fan. I typically opt for an Americano (with two pumps of SF caramel and two sweet ‘n low please). However, tis the season of the red holiday cups and that just leaves me feeling like I need to switch things up. Starbucks has several holiday beverages out right now- Chile Mocha, Chestnut Praline, Caramel Brulee, and the Peppermint Mocha to name a few (you will never catch me drinking the peppermint mocha- brb avoiding all things peppermint this holiday season and forever). Anyway, back on track. Of all the holiday beverages, the GOAT is the Gingerbread Latte. “A sweet and delicately spicy gingerbread flavors mingle with our classic espresso and steamed milk and are topped with whip cream and ground nutmeg for the perfect holiday touch”. Doesn’t that just scream Christmas?? I’ll answer that for you.. YAS, YAS it does! Not exactly a “macro friendly” beverage if that is what you are looking for, however you could substitute skim/almond milk for the 2% and say no to whip cream in order to save a few calories… or don’t. This drink is summed up as Christmas in a cup and the perfect holiday beverage for Christmas shopping outdoors at the outlets or checking out those Christmas lights with the fam. Next time you’re at Starbucks, order one.


Simply Potatoes Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Not sure how “holiday” these are but I think with all the mashed potato/sweet potato casseroles made during the holidays- these fit right in. I love foods that are not only delicious, but convenient. These potatoes fit the bill perfectly. Just pop these in the microwave for a total of 5:30 minutes and you have deliciously smooth sweet potato mashed potatoes. The macros for these are only 1F/22C/2P per serving (124g). I found these at Shop and Save but I have also seen similar products at Shop Rite as well. Found in the refrigerated section by the precooked chicken. Definitely worth picking up next time you’re at the grocery store.


So there you have it. My Ho Ho Holiday Favorites (okay, that was cheesy. Sorry, I couldn’t resist lol). What are your favorite holiday snacks that you always enjoy this time of year? Leave a comment and share your favorite holiday goodies.

Thanks so much for checking out my first blog post of Blogmas. Be sure to hit that “subscribe” button so you don’t miss out on any of the holiday fun. Blogmas 2016 is just beginning!

Happy Holidays XO,




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