Blogmas Day 10: Favorite Bloggers & Vloggers

Hello! Happy Saturday, my friends! We are in the double digits now of Blogmas and less than 2 weeks away from Christmas Eve! December is flying by and I couldn’t be more excited for the next few weeks. A part of my family is coming to visit the boyfriend and I for a few days following Christmas and I am SO EXCITED. So many NYC adventures to take place… and we are going to cross a whole bunch of to-dos off my Holiday Bucket List. I haven’t seen my family in 5ever- especially my bff/twin sister/other half @mbkellyy. She’ll be here for 9.5 days and have I mentioned I CANNOT WAIT?! So many NYC food adventures to come and I literally get so happy and antsy just thinking about it. Don’t worry- copious amounts of photos and social media-ing will take place. T minus 17 days!


Sorry, that ramble was a little off topic but I couldn’t help myself. Ha ha. Today’s Blogmas post is to fill you in on a few of my favorite bloggers and vloggers. Some of which are participating in B(V)logmas and some of which are not. But if you enjoy reading blogs or watching YouTube videos (while you cardio, perhaps?) you’ll definitely want to check out these b(v )loggers below.

Without further or do… *Note: the names/handles being used are their Instagram account handles so go check out their social medias and give them a follow*


  • @sossierose. I was going to classify her as a blogger, until I remembered that she recently started a YouTube channel as well. Sossie is an NPC bikini competitor and makeup enthusiast. She posts a lot of makeup how-tos and has been blogging about her recent cut. I have, unfortunately, never met Sossie in real life, despite her living in Pittsburgh (aka where I used to live before moving to NYC). But I feel as though her and I would be bffs. She has a sassy and fun personality and isn’t your stereotypical “fitness YouTuber.” She is open and honest about her experiences and you can tell she is passionate about whatever she is talking about. This girl agreed to do Blogmas with me and she has been handling it like a boss. If you like makeup, or even if you know nothing about makeup (like myself), you will still get something out of her channel/blog either way. So go follow her blog, (such a creative name, right??) Her YouTube account name is Sossie Rose. Follow both.
  • @lauraelizzzzabeth. Another fabulous blogger and friend of mine. I have gotten to know Laura via social media and I am so lucky to be able to all her a friend. She recently moved to Colorado, has competed in NPC bikini competitions, recently started doing CrossFit, loves traveling, and is a huge foodie, She posts a lot of food pics and creative recipes that are really enjoyable and tasty too, i am sure- As a big foodie myself, i am a huge fan. While her posts can be sporadic (girl, if you’re reading this, you know I’m right haha) when she does post, they are very  easily relatable, honest, and informative. She is also participating in Blogmas, with me, and has posted a lot of great blogs about managing the holidays while still reaching your goals. So, go give a follow and go checkout her posts and food porn.


  • @courto_3. Lately, I have not been enjoying a lot of people on YouTube’s videos, because I feel like everyone is posting the same things day after day. However, with Courtney I don’t feel like this is the case. She is an NPC bikini competitor, who as of late, has been documenting her offseason progress. She is the perfect example of juggling life, multiple jobs, a boyfriend, and her bodybuilding/gym life. She has been honest about her struggles and has embraced the off season 110%. She talks candidly about her experiences and it’s easily to relate to. She has a carefree and goofy attitude that I enjoy and you can tell she doesn’t take herself, or her life too seriously. I feel as though we would be bffs in real life so that’s probably one of the reasons why I like to watch her channel so much. She posts about once, or so, a week. Go follow her channel and be sure to subscribe. Channel is Courtney Hartmann.
  • @karacoreyfitlife. Hands down, one of my favorite YouTubers from the beginning. Kara is a dietitian and OCB Bikini Pro. She documents a lot of her personal journey on her channel such as her competition preps, her off season, and real life experiences. She recently talked about her struggles post show such as lack of motivation and feeling lost and depressed. Which I find to be very easily relatable for a lot of people. She also does “Dietitian Talks” where she talks about various nutrition related topics. I like these because it’s informative and it’s a science based explanation and not just some “bro” with no nutritional background telling you what to do. She also posts recipes and gives you a lot of healthy food ideas. She is participating in Blogmas this year, for the first time, and has been uploading a lot of fun holiday videos while still throwing in helpful and relatable content. She is someone in the industry who is very easy to sit down and watch and she posts videos multiple times per week… which is great if you have any cardio to do. Go subscribe to her channel: Kara Corey Fit Life.


There it is. My Christmas present to you: 4 of my favorite b(v)loggers. It is a breath of fresh air to follow people in the fitness industry who have great attitudes and are actively working towards their goals while simultaneously motivating you to do the same. They show you that it’s okay to be yourself in a world that’s trying to convince you otherwise.


Who are some of your favorite bloggers? YouTubers? Comment and share so I can go ahead and subscribe to their posts and channels as well.

Thanks so much for following along with the 25 Days of Blogmas and keep checking back for more.

Happy Holidays, XO



7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10: Favorite Bloggers & Vloggers

  1. jlstanding says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’m going to check it out! I really enjoy watching Sarah Ramadan on Youtube for fitness, and I enjoy Melanie Murphy as a lifestyle youtuber – both are so adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily bogaudo says:

    Favorite blogger??? Um you duh 💁🏼 Haha I am a fan of all these people you mentioned but I have never watched/read Sossies stuff so I’m def going to now! I also really like watching Maryana Dvorska and Valentina Esteban

    Liked by 1 person

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