Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Through the Years

Good evening, my friends! It is the second day in a row where Blogmas is coming to you later than usual. Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went to MetLife Stadium to watch the Cowboys vs.Giants game. Drinks were consumed, it was a late night getting home, and i was definitely feeling the effects this morning. And still a little bit right now to be honest haha. But, i have come thus far posting daily for Blogmas and i refuse to let that come to an end all because of a few angry orchards and a (nasty) strawberry-rita left me feeling a tad hunger over this morning haha. Blogmas shall continue!


So today’s Blogmas is going to show you Christmas Through the Years…. Me and @mbkellyy were just oh so adorable. (If you don’t believe me, keep scrolling and see for yourself). It is always fun to look back through old photos and reminisce on old memories. Plus, it is always fun to try and figure out who is who in these pics because let’s be honest…we look ALOT a like- especially when we were younger. I mean, we are twins so duh haha. These pics might not be the best quality but the holiday vibes and festivities shine through the photos.


I wish i had even more photos to share with you guys but i think this shows you quite a bit of Christmas through my 24 years of life… I’m 25 but this years Christmas festivities have yet to be documented and shared. This post was a lot less word focused and was based more so on photos but they do say that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”…. so seems more than appropriate for this blog haha. I love looking back on old photos and reminiscing on old memories with the family. I can’t wait to take a lot of pictures this year when the family is in NY and to document all our new holiday traditions.

Do you take a lot of pictures during the holiday season? Do you enjoy looking back on old family photos? If you want, feel free to share some of your old family Christmas photos in the comments… I would love to see. 

Thanks so much for continuing to follow along with my 25 Days of Christmas… we are only half way done with the holiday fun. A lot of more chances to enter to win my Holiday Giveaway — so keep the likes/comments/subscriptions coming. 

Happy Holidays, XO




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