Blogmas Day 13: December Lifting Goals

Hello, my friends! Today is Tuesday, aka my Monday, and it has been busy and hectic day… Hopefully, starting tomorrow, I will be back to my planned, daily 9:00 AM Blogmas uploads but that has yet to be determined. At least we have still been committed to the daily blogging.


I know you guys are still soaking in all of the adorable throwback photos from yesterday’s Christmas Through the Years Blogmas post so, today’s post is a little less full on festive. However, I still think this is an appropriate topic for this time of year. I talked to you guys about asking yourself WHY and getting ready for the New Year and setting new goals for yourself. I, personally, like to set monthly goals for myself. One goal I have been working on this December is… increasing my strength.

For the longest time, i.e. bikini prep, my goals were based solely on aesthetics. My strength in the gym took a nose dive. But, now that I am 6 months deep in my offseason- my goals have changed. My abs are pretty much gone, my booty is back, and my strength is returning. Instead of focusing on the fact that I am no longer “stage lean” or “shredded” I have instead turned my attention to focusing on increasing my strength in the 3 main lifts: bench press, squats, and deadlifts.I had not tested my 1 RPM since probably January of this past year. Now, almost 12 months later, it was time to give it another go. A couple weeks ago we tested and here’s what we got:

  • Bench: 105
  • Squat: 205
  • Deadlift: 205

Had I tested higher than this in the past? Yup. (My previous 1 RPM’s were 115 bench/215 squat/240 deads). But after a 6 month dieting phase and a gradual reverse diet, I was still satisfied with my new numbers.

Once we retested and determined my new “starting point” – I set out with one goal in mind. That was to increase these #s the next time I retested these lifts in 6 weeks. I have been following programming that my boyfriend created specifically for me. Each week, the weight of my lifts go up and the volume of my lifts go down. (I can go more in depth about my training if anyone is interested- if you are, leave a comment below). I have really been enjoying the new program. It’s fun to lift heavy and feel strong in the gym again. I feel like I have definitely been improving strength wise and I feel as though I am benefiting from this new program.
I have been doing this new program for 3 ish weeks now and the goal is to retest again in 2 weeks (ish) depending on whether or not I decide to skip the deload week before testing my 1 RPM’s again. I really want to max test when @mbkellyy is here visiting so we can be hella strong together—so we shall see.
So, the new goals I want to hit when I retest are:

  • Bench: 115
  • Dead: 230
  • Squat: 215

Will I hit these numbers? I’m not sure. I would rather aim too high than underestimate myself and my abilities. I am going to do everything I can to hit these goals. I am going to make sure I am fueling my body properly, getting enough sleep, making the most of my gym time, and taking my rest and recovery seriously. I have a lot of exciting things coming up in regards to new goals and adventures so stay tuned.


Do you have any training goals you are working towards right now? Physique goals? Strength goals? Leave a comment and share below.

Thanks so much for following along with Blogmas and spreading all the holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays, XO



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 13: December Lifting Goals

  1. Emily bogaudo says:

    As much as I love being strong as the next meat head bodybuilder, I think I train solely for aesthetics and not strength. I hardly ever test my one rep max, because that’s just not enjoyable to me. Of course I always try to increase me weights because duhhhh stronger = more muscle = more aesthetic in my opinion but my one rep max doesn’t really mean much to me. I just started cutting and am hoping to lose ten lbs by spring break, putting me at 130. 130 is a lean but by no means extreme look for me, as my stage weight was 120. This means I’ll be losing hopefully 1 pound per week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • PBandLaurenKelly says:

      Girl omg I love this too. I think it’s awesome that you know what you like and you aren’t afraid to say it and go after it. I can’t wait to watch you cut for your vacation. You look great now and I can’t wait to see you progress and reach your goals !! Get it girl 💁🏼


  2. Beth Harris says:

    Testing my maxes this week! It’s a lot of fun, but can be frustrating. I thought I was at a 200lb squat for a long time…until I videoed it and my hip joint wasn’t below my knee. Goals this week are 290 DL, 220 Squat, 115 bench.


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