Blogmas Day 14: Festive Winter Workouts

Good morning, my beautiful people! Perhaps you find yourself reading this, snuggled up in bed, with a warm cup of coffee, and are really struggling to get out from under those warm covers and start your day. I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of this A LOT- especially this time of year. I am a hermit at the sight of sub 30 degree weather and white stuff falling from the sky.


I would prefer nothing more than curling up under the blankets, watching my favorite holiday movie, and eating myself into a carb coma from copious amounts of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. I hate being cold. If it’s snowing outside, forget it. I won’t want to leave the comfort of my warm house, to go out into the cold, to drive to the gym, to get out into the cold to walk into the gym to go lift. Forget that, it’s not going to happen.


Honestly, yes. I will suck it up, be cold, and make my way to the gym eventually, but I am miserable in the process lol. Awful, but true haha. I just hate the cold.

But, now is the perfect time to switch things up in your gym/cardio routine. There are so many activities that only come around during this time of the year and it’s up to you to take advantage. Here are a few festive activities, exercise, and cardio ideas to warm you up during these frigid winter months.

  • Ice Skating. Here’s a stereotypical holiday activity for you. Check to see if there are any outdoor skating rinks near you. If not, try an indoor rink. I live near NYC so how picture perfect would it be to go ice skating in Central Park? Picture perfect indeed… until I fall, hard, on my bum. Ouch lol. Ice skating uses a lot of muscles, is a good source of cardio, and simply, just oh so festive. Oh, and it can burn between 355-600 cals/hr.
  • Exploring/Hiking/Walking. A lot of options here. This all depends on where you live, of course. I’ve been to Colorado, in the winter, and gone hiking/snow shoeing. Freezing? Yes. But a good workout and good source of cardio none the less. If you live somewhere warm, you have even less of an excuse to not get outside and get moving. Take a hike in the mountains. If you live in a city, go out and get exploring. Why not go explore the city with a friend? Walk instead of calling an Uber. Those miles will really add up. Oh, and walking burns about 240 cal/hr.
  • Build A Snowman. This is pretty much as winter-esque as it gets. Did you know building a snowman burns about 285 cals/hr?
  • Sledding. All you need is a hill and a sled. You’ll burn calories and feel those legs burnin’ from running up that hill time and time again. Perfect if you have younger family members you want to spend time with and they want to get outside. You’ll be burning about 476 cals/hr.
  • Tubing/Snowboarding/Skiing. All of these fall under the same category. A great source of exercise and will have you using muscles you didn’t even know you had. All of these burn about 429 cals/hr. Just make sure you bundle up and dress warm.
  • Holiday Fun Runs. Who knew that the words “fun” and “run” could go together? Ha ha. But seriously, though. Check to see if there are any Santa Runs near you. Grab a friend and you can both dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats and run a 5K.
  • Try a New Class. Try yoga…spinning… an indoor volleyball league. Whatever tickles your fancy. You never know whether or not you will enjoy something unless you give it a try.
  • Sky Zone. We have all heard, or see on social media, those indoor trampoline gyms. Why not go there and give it a go? Jump around. Do some flips. Relive those cheerleading or gymnastics days. Let your inner child come out to play. It’s a great way to stay active, get moving, and switch things up.

It’s not always easy to get up and moving in this cold weather. (5ever jealous of all you who live anywhere that doesn’t ever have to see snow… Le sighhhh). Who’s dreaming of a white Christmas? Not me lol.


None the less, cold weather and snow is no excuse not to get up and get moving. Go out and try some festive winter activities with your family and friends. Perhaps turn it into a new holiday tradition? It is a great way to spend time with the ones you love while still taking steps towards your fitness goals. Just bundle up and grab yourself some hand warmers at your local Walmart. Layers people! Layers! Layers! Layers!

What are some of your favorite ways to get active during the holidays? In the winter? How do you like to switch things up?


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Happy Holidays, XO



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