My Christmas Traditions: Past & Present

Hello, my friends! Today started out a tad bit rough… I woke up 10 minutes before I had to be at work (I have about a 40 minute commute). Plus, on top of that, we got a TON OF SNOW. 1) I am not a huge fan of the cold, white stuff and 2) snow makes not for the most ideal driving conditions and thus making me even more late for work.
But, oh well. We made it to work finally and my boss bought Dunkin Donuts and coffee for everyone. What more I could I ask for? I don’t like DD coffee but hey, Dunkin coffee is better than no coffee lol.



Today’s Blogmas post is about Christmas Traditions- Both Past and Present. Over the years, growing up, there were certain things that we always did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… no matter what. Now, this year, since I moved to NY, some things will inevitably be different. But that’s okay, I am just going to use that as an opportunity for the bf and I to come up with our own, new, holiday traditions.

So what was my Christmas Eve like growing up?

Christmas Eve was something we always looked forward to. My mom would make me and my sister go to the early Christmas Eve service at church. This was about at 3 pm or so. Following that, we would come home and bake cookies for Santa. The cookies of choice were always chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. (Those are Santa’s favorites in case you didn’t know). We would leave cookies and milk out for Santa. Then, as a family, we would either watch The Polar Express or A Christmas Carol. If we watched a Christmas Carol, it had to be the one with George C. Scott, from 1984, because it is my mom’s favorite. So any other Christmas Carol was not an option lol.


We would spend the evening watching the movie, eating Christmas cookies, and then we would go to bed early. Santa can’t come if you’re still awake. Even to this day, the older I get I still like to be, in bed at a reasonable time, so that Santa can come. We were never able to open any presents on Christmas Eve and there were never any presents under the tree, or in our stockings, until Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning:

On Christmas morning, my sister and I would always wake up crazy early. Like sub 5 am early. Some year my mom would be okay with it. But mostly, she would tell us not to be ridiculous and to go back to bed. LOL. My mom would always put on Christmas music as soon as she was up and we would open our presents in an orderly fashion. Our presents were always numbered so that Morgan and I would open up our “matching” gifts at the same time. There was no grabbing a gift and unwrapping frantically lol… no no no. It was all in an orderly, yet enjoyable fashion lol. Opening gifts never took more than 30 minutes and the rest of Christmas Day often times resulted in a lot of slothing and playing with our new toys/presents. We’d watch Christmas movies, stay in our pgs. all day, and just enjoy our lazy day together.
Some years, my mom would make a big Christmas meal- turkey, mashed potatoes, and oyster crackers- aka Thanksgiving all over again lol. But some years she wouldn’t because it was so much work. Either way, food was delicious and Christmas was very much a jolly one.

This year’s Christmas Day Traditions have yet to be determined… I think I’m going to do an entire Blogmas post- probably Christmas Day’s post- on what our Christmas day shall entail and look like. Lots of Christmas fun and holiday traditions to start.

But what about Christmas Eve? I’m going to run my ideas by the boyfriend but I’m sure he will approve lol. *Insert princess emoji here* haha. As of right now, I am scheduled to work at the gym from 7am-2pm and then a cheesecake factory, serving shift, from 4:50-11pm. Needless to say, by the time I get off, and drive home, it’ll probably be a very late night.

But… I still want to keep some of my childhood Christmas Eve traditions alive… So, that means we will likely still bake a small batch of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies for Santa. Serve them alongside a nice cold glass of almond milk. The boyfriend and I will snuggle up on the couch, maybe with some wine (?), and watch a Christmas movie. Our Christmas movie selection is a tad limited at our new apartment, so the choices will likely either be: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Eloise at Christmastime, or The Polar Express. To be determined. Hopefully we will watch that without passing out to early haha. Then off to bed so Santa can come. No presents opened and under the tree until Christmas Day either.

I am very much excited to spend this Christmas Eve and Christmas, carrying on old traditions and simultaneously making some new traditions of our own.

What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions? Christmas Day? Are you going to start any new traditions of your own?

Thanks so much for following along with the 25 Days of Blogmas. I can’t believe Christmas Eve is ONE WEEK away!! Where does the time I go? I can’t believe how fast December is flying by.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep spreading the holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays, XO



4 thoughts on “My Christmas Traditions: Past & Present

  1. Beth Harris says:

    First- I dislike Dunkin too! But like you said, coffee is coffeee.
    Second- I am kinda in the same boat! Even though it is my second year in a house married, the first year we kinda got roped into carrying out traditions with the family with minor changes…this year we are trying to make more defined traditions, but don’t know what that entails yet. Excited to see what yours becomes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily bogaudo says:

    We always had traditions until this year I’ll be 5 hours away in the town I go to school in for work, so we had it early and slightly differently. But normally on Christmas Eve we would go to a night time church service and then like you said go to bed early so santa would come lol. I don’t know why but when I was younger I would take out allllllllllll my stuffed animals and line them up in my bed 😂 Then Christmas morning I would be the one to wake everyone up (after I checked out the tree first of course) and then my mom puts her breakfast bakes in the oven to cook while we open presents. I’m the one that hands everyone’s presents out then and this year I was literally chucking them across the room because I was too lazy to get up ahahhaha I was like sorry guys santa is fat and lazy this year 😂😂 then we eat after opening gifts

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