Blogmas Day 17: A Look Inside…

Hello, my fabulous friends! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Sunday. I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by… It is December 18th and Christmas is literally ONE WEEK away… Christmas Eve… 6 DAYS away. Where does the time go? I don’t even know. Seriously tho.

It has been getting harder and harder to keep up with the daily blogs of Blogmas lol. With two jobs, last minute christmas shopping, and adult responsibilities… there is just never enough time in the day. Some blog topics require a lot of thought and planning and sometimes i just don’t have the time or  the energy lol…. however, I AM DETERMINED. I did not come this far with the daily posts to stop with only 9 days left so we shall continue full steam ahead.200-40.gif

So, i thought that for the 17th Day of Blogmas, i would give you a sneak peak into the casa de me. As many of you know, i recently moved to NY, in August. Into an apartment with my boyfriend and our baby,  Lupin… aka my cat ha. It is a 450 square foot place so there isn’t a lot of space to work with- but hey, we make it work. When the holiday season began, i KNEW that we absolutely had to decorate. All that the boyfriend and i had from our previous apartment, in regards to Christmas decor, was our little baby tree.. so we pretty much had to start from scratch with the decorations. But that’s exactly what we did… *Ignore the less than stellar photo quality, i would love a camera but ya know $$$ haha. You’ll get the idea…*



This is outside of our apartment. I love driving up, after a late night at work, to Christmas lights. I just love them and think they are so pretty and festive. A Christmas wreath is a holiday must and our’s is actually real. We found it at Kmart (don’t judge)- it was only like $15 bucks and it’s actually really pretty. 

Then, immediately inside the door, is our holiday countdown calendar. I think its called an “advent calendar?” Idk ha, i just knew that i had to get one. It’s so fun moving the little reindeer through the stockings as the days til christmas creep closer… Peep that mistletoe too. That was the boyfriends doing so shoutout to him for that one. One item (kissing under the mistletoe) checked off that Holiday Bucket List … check! XO


Our adorable Christmas tree. As i mentioned up top, we actually had this tree at our previous apartment together. Its pretty small, but hey- for a studio apartment, it fits perfectly. We would not have the room for a large tree. Right now, we have red, green, and gold balls but i would love to continue to add miscellaneous ornaments over the years too. Our “tree skirt” is simply a Disney’s Frozen blanket because tree skirts are EXPENSIVE lol geesh. Frozen is still festive thought right? ha. And naturally, there is a Dallas Cowboy’s Santa hat as a tree topper. #GOCOWBOYS

Continuing on… Our fireplace. Our real, working fire place. Maybe i’ll have the boyfriend light it up come Christmas Day? We shall see. 3 stockings- listed by age- the boyfriend’s is green, mine is red, and Lupin’s is cream. Can’t wait to put some presents in their stockings. Also, peep the string of lights draped in front of the TV and up above both windows (it’s kinda hard to see in these pics). But it is one of my favorite decorations. As i said, i love lights and they just look pretty. We also have Santa, a snowman, and an elf hanging on a ladder in front of our window… How adorable right?? 

Those decorations pretty much take up the bulk of our apartment haha.. it’s a small apartment. But here are a few other “miscellaneous” pieces.

We’ve got Santa chillin’ on our bathroom mirror and then Santa chillin’ again, on the rug in front of our kitchen sink. I love the rug… I think its so adorable and fun ha. (Ignore my pastey white legs).

Do i seem like the type of person that likes candles? Yup, i do. I love candles. Especially anything food or holiday scented. The chocolate pistachio and the pumpkin pecan waffles were both found at Bath & Body Works. The evergreen spice was found at Target. All smell delicious. They’ll make your house smell like Christmas trees and Christmas cookies…. Could you ask for a more perfect smell? I think not. 


Also, as i mentioned in previous blogmas posts, our christmas movie collection was nonexistent. So obviously, i had to change that. I started out our collection with three 3 of my Christmas Movie Favorites: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, and Eloise At Christmas Time. Definitely going to have to watch all of these a few more times between now and New Years. (#NOSHAME). I should also mention that the majority of our decorations were found at Target. You can literally find any and everything at target… and at reasonable prices… LOVE TARGET.

So now, I am going to curl up under my heated blanket, with some ice cream, some cowboys football, and my baby,lupin. P.S. the chocolate pistachio candle is burning right now, christmas lights are all on and it feels like the holidays. The perfect ending to a long week.

How do you like to decorate for the holidays? What are your favorite christmas decorations? Any tips for decorating on a budget or in a small space? Share in the comments.

A quick thank you to everyone who continues to read my daily posts for Blogmas. It makes my heart so happy when you all tell me you’ve been enjoying my posts. Please “like” this post if you enjoyed it and keep checking back for more.

Happy Holidays, XO




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