Blogmas Day 22: 2016 Recap

Hello, my festive friends! Today is Blogmas Day 22… I can’t believe I have blogged every day for 22 straight days… I am rather impressed with myself- not gonna lie haha. So today’s Blogmas post is a 2016 Recap. 2016 has been a crazy year with a lot of changes, so let’s rewind shall we?

2016 began with me freezing my ass off in Colorado lol. We went to visit my boyfriend’s family for the holidays… Had cheesecake factory on New Year’s Eve and rang in the New Year together.

Late January-July is pretty much summed up in one word… Prep. Bikini prep. Yes, I was still doing other things during this time but prep was a large part of that. I prepped for two bikini competitions and stuck to my diet and training, without fail, for 23 weeks. I walked on that stage the best I had ever looked and I couldn’t have been proud of myself and my hard work. I walked off both stages with some hard earned hardware (which is always fun). You never realize what you are capable of until you do something that tests you physically and mentally. Low calories, high cardio, and hunger is tough but I got through it and my all my hard work showed on that stage. None of which would have been possible without my coach, Eric, from Dynamic Duo Training. I couldn’t ask for a better coach or experience than I’ve had with Team DDT. My family also had the chance to see my step on stage which was awesome (not @mbkellyy though, sad tweet). But prep and show day(s) were amazing and it was definitely a huge highlight of 2016.

To go along with that, in 2016, I finally got to meet my teammate, Ash Mitch! My teammate turned online friend turned real life bestie. This girl is amazing let me tell you. She flew the whole way from San Diego to Pittsburgh to support me during peak week and show day. This girl helped me shave my body, went and did girly nail things with me, and was the best cameraman and cheerleader come show day. I would not have been able to make it through show day without her…nor would I have made it through prep without her words of encouragement and motivation. I am so grateful that I got to know her in 2016 and that I am able to call her one of my best friends. Ash Mitch, I love you.

In May, while simultaneously prepping, I graduated from college. Fina-fraken-ly!! If you know me, you know how happy I was to finally accomplish this goal. After starting college in 2009 at Cal U, a few ups and downs along the way, and finally graduating from IUP with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with a minor in Psychology I could not have been more thrilled. It was a long time coming and definitely well deserved. I was only taking one class come spring semester and that was Sports Nutrition, a class that I really enjoyed. But yes, I am finally graduated from college and consider this a huge accomplishment from 2016.


Then, come August, I moved. I moved to New York. Never in a million years did I think that New York would be where I would end up. After the boyfriend got a job and moved to NY, in March, I knew that following graduation I would be moving to New York as well. I was reunited with my cat, Lupin which makes my heart super happy. Also in NY, I have: started working at cheesecake factory AND started my first “big girl job” – both of which I found and worked for all on my own. It just goes to show that taking risks can really pay off…maybe not at first, but eventually they will. It took a lot of tries ad attempts before I finally got it “right”…but I did. Go after what you want in life and don’t stop until you get there.

A downside to 2016 was that I was unable to see @mbkellyy, AT ALL. Like brb, crying. But that all changes in T minus 5 days! 5 DAYS! We are going to partake in so many NYC adventures and I cannot wait! I’m sure the boyfriend is excited to be spending 9.5 days with the two of us, together, in a 450 square foot studio apartment. (LOL! We can be a lot to handle when we are together- sorry boyfriend). Ahh I cannot wait! I miss my twin, sister, bff, and other half.


Obviously a throwback… It’s been too long. See you soon!

Overall, a lot has happened in 2016 and I am very excited to see what 2017 has in store. New plans, new goals, and many new adventures to come. (Stay tuned for more details about my future plans for 2017.)

What were some of your highlights from 2016? How was 2016 for you? Are you sad 2016 is coming to a close or are you excited for a fresh, new start?


Thanks so much for clicking on the link to read this post. It is exciting to look back and see how far I’ve come in 365 days and I can’t wait to see what happens in 365 more. Here’s to having a great last few days of 2016!

Happy Holidays, XO


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