Blogmas Day 24: NYC Christmas W/ the Fam

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all are having a fabulous Christmas Eve day. Do you guys have any exciting plans for Christmas Eve? Today’s a working day for me followed by baking Christmas cookies for Santa. So excited.
I keep mentioning to you guys that my sister and fam is coming to visit. So instead of just saying that over and over, this time I thought I would give you guys a little more details.


When I say “fam” I mean a part of them. (hoping to see the other part of the family before Morgan leaves on the 5th). Anyway, who’s coming is my mom, stepdad-Tim, and my little brother-Kris. And Morgan, obviously. Mom, Tim, and Kris are driving up Tuesday untitled-5afternoon, from PA. I likely won’t see them this day because I work at the gym from 1-9 PM and they are driving straight to the hotel. M<organ is flying down (up?) from NOLA and arrives at like 11:14 PM. SO SO SO excited- she’s bringing her cat, Ronald, along too so Lupin will have a buddy for the week. I’m assuming that while everyone else stays at the hotel, Morgan will be staying with us at our apartment. Why? Twin bonding…DUH.

So our family will all be together Wednesday and Thursday. So far our plans are to go:
  • See the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular
  • See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
  • 5th Ave. Shop Windows
  • See the Empire State Building (Tim’s idea)
  • See the Statue of Liberty (also Tim’s idea ha)
  • Show them my work(s): Cheesecake & the gym
  • Levain Bakery?


We are still trying to narrow it down to the PERFECT restaurants and foodies spots, so if you know NYC, and know the best places to eat, leave a food suggestion/comment below.

Luckily, I have off work those two days (Wednesday/Thursday) that the family is here. But I go back to work at the gym early Friday morning. Morgan will be staying a whole extra week, until January 5th, so I am stoked. There are so many places we want to do/go/try so that’ll be fun. I still have to work a few days while she is here but it is in the morning so she’ll probably still be sleeping haha. Still narrowing it down and to the list but here’s what we have so far…
  • Donuts at Dough
  • Black Tap (have you seen those milkshakes thoooooo??)
  • Flyers vs. NY Rangers game on Jan 4th
  • See my dad, Alex, and James in Philly?untitled3.png
  • 230 5th Bar?
  • Bite Lip Lab NYC
  • Wine & Movie Night
  • Test 1 RPM on bench, deadlifts, and squats
  • Eat mac and cheese @ S’mac

She leaves super early Thursday Morning (the 5th) which will be super sad and awful and I am sure I will cry like a baby LOL. But it’s too early to be thinking about that already. I am so excited to see my family and spend time with them exploring NYC and making new holiday memories. Oh, and taking lots of pics!

Have you ever been to NYC during the holidays? What are your favorite things to do in NY? Are you going on any holiday trips with your family this year? Share in the comments.


Thanks so much for following along with Blogmas! I can’t believe there’s only one day left. Remember only one more day to enter into the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY so be sure to like/comment/subscribe if you haven’t yet

Happy Holidays, XO

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