And the Winner Is…

Hello, my friends! It’s been a hot minute since I have blogged and to be honest, it is amazing how much more free time you have when you aren’t posting daily blogs (LOL). Anyway, I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I can’t believe Christmas is over- I’m in denial and just super sad that Christmas music is no longer playing on the radio. #sadtweet. I’m still watching Christmas movies up through New Year’s Day and for that I have no shame

Christmas was AMAZING- both Christmas with my boyfriend the two days that my family was in town. Morgan’s still here though so YAY. Spending time with them, in the city and just relaxing, makes me realize what’s important this holiday season and just how blessed and lucky I really am. *smiles from ear to ear* But, I digress…

img_8714Today’s post is to finally announce the winner from my 25 Days of Blogmas GIVEWAY. Blogmas covered so many topics from holiday favorites, to recipes, to the importance of rest and recovery, and SO MUCH MORE. (Go ahead and get caught up if you haven’t read them all).

I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to everyone who subscribed to my blog, liked, shared, or commented on my posts. No comment, like, or interaction went unnoticed and I am so grateful. So thank you, again.

I used a random generator to pick the winner for the giveaway so without further or do… the winner of Blogmas 2016 is …


A fellow blogger and partaker in the Blogmas Festivities over at Laura shared, commented, and liked so many Blogmas posts and it makes me so happy that I can send her a little something to say thanks.

Again, thank you to everyone who partook in the Blogmas festivities. Now, that December is practically over, I am looking to come up with a more consistent blogging schedule come 2017.

I have a lot of new goals and adventures planned for 2017 so stay tuned for updates. (If you are looking to set your own goals for 2017, or New Year’s Resolutions, check out my latest blog post on that here). Please leave comments on any topics/ideas you would like covered in future posts and please subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Perhaps, more giveaways in the future?

Talk soon,



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