Feeling Inadequate 

When it comes to blogging, I like to have a preplanned schedule. I like to have it planned out, what I am going to do and when, so I know what I can keep things simple and organized. That way, once I sit down to blog, I can crank out that predetermined topic at ease. However, some days, something happens- whether that is watching a YouTube video, reading something on social media, or a random thought that “pops” into my head, that I feel compelled to talk about.

Today’s topic is one of those. One of those random topics that I feel the need to talk and ramble (on and on and on) about…

Today’s blog topic is about FEELING INADEQUATE.

Inadequate: (adj.) lacking the quality of quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.

 I think what sparked the motivation for this blog post was when I was watching @lynettemarrieh ‘s latest YouTube video… A Few Honest Moments. (Feel free to click the title of the video to go check out the video for yourself). The main takeaway from the video, (IMO) was while she no longer feels the need to compare her body to others; she still compares herself to others in other ways… such as her business, social media, and other life responsibilities. While the video was her real, unedited rambles, I very much felt myself relating to her thoughts and feelings.

A selfie from a workout earlier this week. Even though I thought my booty looked good, I still felt like I/this photo wasn’t “good enough”

Why you may ask? Because the video made me realize that I was feeling the same way. The feeling that no matter what, what you are doing isn’t “enough”… That your best isn’t good enough. That I was feeling inadequate. That in comparison to others and what other people are doing, you feel as though your efforts go unnoticed.

It’s a crappy feeling and it sucks to feel as though your effort and your hard work, is inadequate and just does not feel like it is “enough.”

Recently, I have felt like that. I have felt like that when it comes to my fitness journey, my reverse diet, my jobs, my blog and even my various social medias that I have been trying to grow… It makes me emotional because no one wants to feel this way. I know I am making an effort, trying hard to reach the specific goals I have set for myself, and when things do not go as I planned, or how I expect them to, I feel as though I have let myself (and even others) down.

And it’s not always easy to just change these thoughts. Yes, deep down I know that I should never compare myself to others- whether that be my body, my fitness journey, career, social media, or what have you… but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it or those negative thoughts don’t cross my mind. We all have bad days.

I don’t know if this blog was particularly helpful to you. This blog was more of a ramble and a chance for me to get my thoughts and feelings out on paper (or in this case, out onto my blog for all of you to read ha). But just know, that if you DO feel this way, you are NOT alone. That those voices in our heads, comparing us to others, are not the truth… that we are enough, that we are progressing, and that our efforts and the challenges we overcome matter, and will ultimately lead us to our goals.

So there you have it… some of my current feels and rambles. (#Alldafeels) For a while, I had been journaling daily but I have gotten out of that habit. I definitely feel as though journaling is something I should get back into doing on a more consistent basis. (There are so many benefits to journaling- a blog post to come on that, perhaps?)

Do you ever have those days where you feel inadequate or like you just aren’t good enough? How do you push through those thoughts and bad days? Share your tips in the comments, as I am sure we would all love to know/benefit from your ideas.

*Side note: I wanted to make the announcement that I have come up with the new blogging schedule for 2017. I will be posting 2x a week and blog posts will be published on


So that is the plan… Hold me accountable, folks! Lol. So yeah, you know the drill… Please hit that “like” button if you enjoyed this post. Comment and subscribe if you are not already. Lots of exciting content coming in 2017 so stay tuned…

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One thought on “Feeling Inadequate 

  1. jlstanding says:

    I actually struggle with this only every night – when I lay my head down to rest I have this voice that tells me “I didn’t do enough”. I am working on it though! And I just try to encourage myself. If you are doing your best, it is all you can ask 🙂


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