(December) January Favorites

Hello, friends! Happy Thursday! I know i know… my blogs are supposed to be posted Wednesdays @ 11:00 and obviously that didn’t happen. I am sorry! Poor time management on my part… Saturday will be better, i promise!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day sourcethus far. The past few days have been a little bit rough, with stress and just…life, but I have started back up with my journaling and I am feeling a tad less stressed and more motivated. I am ready to tackle the rest of this week and make it a good one and I hope you are too!
One of my favorite types of blogs to write is the Monthly Favorites blog posts. I love sharing my current favorites and obsessions with you all. It’s a fun blog to write and I really enjoy it…
So that is what we are doing today… (December) January Favorites. Granted, I know it’s only like half way through the month but I didn’t do one for December either so we are just going to combine the two together okay? Great! Let’s get started.

First… FOOD.
  • Edy’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Okay, this ice cream is legit. If you are looking for a macro friendly, low calorie ice cream- this is an ice cream you need to try. This ice cream has sugar alcohols in it which makes it a lower calorie option. The macros, on the container (for vanilla) are 3F/14C/3P. But since there are 4g of sugar alcohols, I can subtract that from the total number of carbohydrates. Meaning that I can track the ice cream as 3F/10C/3P. The body does not digest and utilize sugar alcohols the same way that it does carbs, so I don’t track it the same way. (If you would like me to go more into detail on tracking sugar alcohols, how the body digests them, etc., feel free to leave a comment and I can do a separate blog post on the topic). They have a bunch of flavors such as fudge tracks, vanilla bean, neapolitan, triple chocolate, and butter pecan (to name a few). Macros vary depending on which flavor you choose. I think this ice cream is a delicious and creamy and it is the perfect choice to satisfy your ice cream craving. Plus, it is a lot cheaper to buy one of these half gallons of ice cream, for $3.99, compared to other “diet” ice creams, like Halo Top or Arctic Zero, which are almost $6.00 for a small pint. So give your wallet a break and try Edy’s. I have been having this ice cream pretty much every night for like the past two months. #NoShame
  • Asiago Bagels. Yesssssss, be still my beating heart. So one morning, the boyfriend decided that he wanted a bagel so he went to the store, and brought bagels back to the apartment for Morgan and me too. Since that day, I have been obsessed. I am currently hooked on bagels and the asiago bagels are the G.O.A.T. Pop that bad boy in the toaster, smother it in (FF) cream cheese and you will be in bagel heaven. Not only does it smell amazing but it also tastes like a pillowy cheez-it cloud. (Seriously, it tastes like a cheez-it). Save yourself a trip and go get yourself A FEW at the store, because trust me, one will not be enough. You can find them in the bakery section of pretty much any grocery store. It goes without saying to make sure you buy the bagels fresh and not stale… DUH.
  • Bagel “Chunks”. Can you tell I’m on a bagel kick or nah? Lol. So okay, yes, bagels are pretty hefty in carbs (56-give or take) and sometimes you may not want to utilize that much of your daily carb intake on a bagel. So WHAT DO YOU DO? Well first, you DON’T buy Bagel Thins because they do not taste like bagels at all. Instead, go to the bakery (where you bought the asiago bagels) and look for a package of Bagel “Chunks”. It looks like a package of bagels that have been precut haphazardly and (bonus) the whole bag only costs $1.50. These are perfect because you can still track “bagel in grams” into MyFitnessPal and use about half the carbs. It tastes exactly like a bagel, because duh… it is a bagel lol. Two “chunks” are about 52g ish, and about 24 carbs. WIN. I found mine at Stop N Shop.



The most PERFECT Tumbler ever. And lupin is just oh so adorable.

  • Starbucks Tumbler. Anyone else have a hard time drinking water when it is freezing cold outside? I know I do. It is so hard for me to get in all my water for the day when I am cold. Drinking from a straw makes it 100x easier. Plus, this Tumbler from Starbucks is super cute and is literally the perfect color. I saw this at Starbucks one day and talked myself out of buying it. Literally, the next day i went back and bought it lol. (Anyone else regret when they don’t buy something? haha). Go getchu one.
  • Movie: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. So I don’t usually like most stereotypical “funny” movies because I usually find them to be more “stupid” than funny. But I did enjoy Neighbors and 21st Jump Street. So, if you enjoyed either of those two movies, I think you would enjoy this movie too. Definitely NOT a family movie and 10/10 it’s super raunchy but really funny at the same time lol. Idk, me, Morgan, and the boyfriend found ourselves cracking up pretty much the entire time. Plus, it has Zac Efron (who is always fun to look at) and Ana Kendrick’s who is pretty funny too. My recommendation? Head to your nearest Red Box to rent this now.

So there you have it. 5 of my current favorites for the last two months.

What were some of your food favorites for December and January? Nonfood favorites? Leave a comment so I can try them (or rent them) too!

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Talk soon,



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