April Favorites

Hello, friends! Happy May! I don’t know about you all, but i think May is by far one of the BEST months of the year… for so many reasons. There is always so many fun things going on. This year is no different. Morgan and I have so many fun things coming up this month, some of which happened yesterday, and a lot to come. *Pstttt, my birthday is in T minus 11 days*

But before we can dive head first into the month of May, let’s do a quick recap of April. I am going to fill you guys in on some of my favorite foods and products from this past month. Let’s go.

We will start with the one, and only, nonfood item on this month’s list.

  • St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. Ladies, i know how it is… we all LOVE to be tan. Having a nice, bronze glow is an instant confidence boost. My sister and i used to get that from tanning beds, however considering the risk of skin cancer (a very real risk ladies)… we no longer use tanning beds. But, something had to give because i was taking pale to a whole other level… enter St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. It’s your standard tanning mousse that you rub on using a tanning mit. Rub all over your body and let it dry at least 4 hours. (I like to let it dry over night). Then, rinse off and you have a nice, instant glow. I like to do this two days in a row for a little bit of a darker tan. It doesn’t leave you orange or streaky which is super important with a fake tanner. Keep in mind, you do need to adhere to the usual fake tanning rules… i.e. exfoliate prior to tanning, stay moisturized… it’ll make your tan go on better and it’ll last longer. They also have a Self Tan Classic Bronzing Face Lotion that i use on my face. I figured a tanning product that’s meant to be used on your face would leave me less prone to breaking out as opposed to just using the body mousse. It leaves my face looking sun kissed which is a definite must here in NOLA. I found this product at Ulta. The Mousse is $42 for 8 oz. and the face product is $30. Morgan and I have been using these products for 2 full months now… we have yet to replace the face lotion and have replaced the mousse twice. Keep in mind that’s for two bodies… so it lasts a while. If you are heading on vacation, or need a nice summer glow now that it’s short season, i definitely recommend this product.

Now, on to the FOOD…

  • Sam’s Choice Bagels. I love bagels! If you have read any of my past monthly favorites blog posts, you already know this… anyway, depending on my current physique goals, it can really depend how often i eat bagels because they tend to be a more carb dense food source. However, whether cutting or bulking, i have found the holy grail of macro friendly bagels! Sam’s Choice bagels, that i found at Walmart, are so legit. They have so many flavors such as: Hot Jalapeño, French Toast Cinnamon, Double Cheese, and Everything bagels. What are the macros like? I typically by the Double Cheese Asiago bagels and the macros for those are: 5F/36C/9P PER bagel. Guys, these are normal size bagels..not “diet” bagels or that “bagel thin BS … these are regular, full size, fluffy bagels. If you are dieting and think you “can’t have” bagels because they have too many carbs… think again. Head to your local Walmart and give these Sam’s Choice bagels a try.
  • ONE Brand Protein Bars *select flavors* I am not particularly a huge fan of protein bars as a “meal” replacement, but for a quick snack when your’e in a pinch, i definitely think they can be helpful. Lately, i have really enjoyed two flavors of bars from ONE… the Blueberry Cobbler and Salted Caramel flavors. The Blueberry Cobbler is probably my “go to”. It has the crumbly cobbler layer, the blueberry flavor, and doesn’t leave a weird metallic after taste in my mouth. It also did not leave me unsatisfied and craving more sweet things like Quest bars do. The last time i went to Vitamin Shoppe, they didn’t have the Blueberry Cobbler flavor, so i tried the Salted Caramel instead… this is another YES from me! A good, salty caramel flavor, good texture, and without the metallic after taste. Definitely a close second for me. The macros for both bars are 8F/24C/20P. (14 grams of carbs if you don’t track sugar alcohols (which i don’t)). I have tried the Cookie Dough flavor from this brand and did not enjoy it whatsoever, however, these two flavors are definitely worth a try. I buy mine at Vitamin Shoppe.


  • Enlightened Ice Cream Bars. You guys have heard me talk about Enlightened ice cream pints in the past, and until recently i had never tried the bars. Well that has changed people, and let me tell you… the bars are JUST AS LEGIT as their pints. So far, i have tried the Sea Salt Caramel and the Frozen Hot Cocoa ice cream bars. They have the same creamy texture as their pints and are a good size ice cream bar for the macros. These bars are 80 or 90 calories….PER bar. That is so low calorie. Macros for the Sea Salt Caramel is: 1.5F/17C/7P (11C if you don’t track your sugar alcohols). These bars are the perfect snack for a hot summer day and/or a perfect solution for that sweet tooth as a snack before bed. I know Enlightened ice cream can be hard to find. In NY, i found these at Shop Rite and here in NOLA, i have only found a few select flavors at Winn Dixie. These bars are $4.99 for a box of 4 which saves you me money because instead of buying one pint which lasts me one day, one box lasts me four days for the same price. I have said it once and i’ll say it again. Team Enlightened over Team Halo Top. You must try these bars!
  • “Protein Cereal”. I may be a little behind on the times for this one, but i am going to mention it anyway because i have been eating this about 5x a week for the past month haha so good. “Protein Cereal”… how you make it.

8 oz almond milk (or milk of choice) + 1 serving of your protein of choice.. shake to mix. Then…

Pour protein shake over cereal of choice = “protein cereal”    ….HAHA easy right??


It is super quick and easy. This has been my go to meal for after i get off my long doubles at Cheesecake and don’t have the time or energy to cook or make anything before i pass out in bed. It is the perfect combination of carbs and protein and it tastes delicious. My go to protein of choice lately has been PEScience Peanut Butter Cookie (PEScience Snickerdoodle is another delicious choice). My cereal of choice has been Reese Puffs and/or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. NOMS. As long as you pick a protein and cereal you enjoy, you will love this combination.

So there ya have it… My Monthly Favorites for April.

What have been some of your food favorites for the past month? What’s your favorite kind of cereal, protein bar, and or meal? Share below because i love reading your ideas and trying new things and foods out for myself. I would also love to know if ya’ll have any ideas for future posts so leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments. 

Thanks so much for reading my blog, Please hit that “like” button and keep checking back for more!




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