Defunk A Funk

Hello, friends! Hope y’all have been having a great week so far. Today’s post is going to be some ramblings on my end followed by some tips that i think you may find helpful.

If you follow me on Instagram, or any of my other social medias (if you don’t, what you doinnnn? Go follow me here), you may have seen that i said i was in a little bit of a “funk”. And I wasn’t really sure why- just this overwhelming feeling of “meh”. tenorI wasn’t particularly motivated when it came to fitness. Yes, i was still (mostly) hitting my macros, going to the gym, doing cardio, but I wasn’t particularly excited about it. I wasn’t particularly excited about life either. It just felt routine… going to work, gym, home, just unexciting… like i should be doing more… that i can be doing MORE with my life. I was also dealing with some outside stress from friends, someone who was more than friend… but let’s not get into that lol, whomp.

Being in a funk is a shitty feeling so in an effort to not feel so “meh” i started thinking about what i could do to help “defunk my funk” and feel a little more like myself… Here’s what I have been doing.

  • Starting my day with journaling. I mention this A LOT just because i am so passionate about it lol. It had been a hot minute since i had journaled so i started getting back into the habit of journaling while sipping on my morning cup of joe. I journal about my thoughts and feelings and set my goals and intentions for the day. It gives me a sense of purpose and it helps me feel like i have a purpose for the day ahead. 
  • Having a positive attitude. I am a huge believer that attitude is everything. Yes, i was feeling “meh” but focusing on that negative feeling and complaining about it, 088b1d9282c4fb801be56b762bb7b6bdcertainly was not doing me any good. I’m not saying to completely disregard how you are feeling but if it’s not helping you in some way, then something needs to change.

Choose to have a positive attitude when maybe you aren’t feeling the most positive. Choose to look on the bright side of not the greatest situations. Choose to not let those negative thoughts creep in and ruin your day. That choice to be positive is up to you.

  • Ignore the negativity. This kind of goes along with the previous point, but i think it’s worth mentioning. When you are around people that are constantly complaining or negative, that shit is contagious. It’s hard not to let their negative energy bring you down. My advice? Walk away from the negativity. Don’t engage in a conversation with those people- coworkers, friends of friends, even your friends or family- who try to dull your positivity and bring you down. Just because they choose to be negative doesn’t mean that you need to be negative as well. Focus on the positive instead, be happy, irregardless of those around you trying to tell you otherwise. 
  • Finding the best gym routine. During this funk, i had been inconsistent when it comes to my training. I was going to the gym a lot later than usual, didn’t really have much of a routine, and was just sort of doing whatever instead of following a training program. Sometimes that is okay, but sometimes you just need a little more structure. For me, this means going to the gym in the morning as opposed to going late at night. I know that i ALWAYS have a better workout in the morning compared to the evening. I also started a new training program that focuses more on hypertrophy than strength which gave me a new focus in the gym. What works for me may not work for you- so find what you enjoy.
  • Switching up my foods. I mentioned that i was feeling less than motivated when it came to my diet so in an effort to change that, i decided to switch up some of my meals. I saw that i was eating pretty much the same things, day in and day out, so i decided to switch things up. I tried some new foods that i haven’t had before or haven’t had in a while. Find foods that you are excited about eating and that you enjoy. There’s no point eating chicken and green beans for every meal if you don’t like green beans and you’re tired of chicken. My go to’s have been Avocado Toast and a lower carb “taco” bowl made with ground turkey, shredded lettuce, cauliflower rice, refried beans, onion and salsa. YUM. 
  • Do things you enjoy. Making yourself a priority and doing things that make you feel good is so important when you find yourself in a rut. What do you enjoy? For me, this could be blogging, laying by the pool with a good book, grabbing a coffee with friends, and/or getting some quality sleep. I know that i always feel so much better when i am getting quality sleep and doing things that benefit me and make me feel good. Ask yourself what that means for you and do that. Go for a walk, paint, color, get outside, sing, go to the movies, bake, whatever it may be…



Those are some of the things that i have been doing in an effort to defunk my funk. When i posted about this on social media, some of ya’ll actually commented some tips and suggestions that you had and i wanted to share them with y’all as well. (I’ll post the persons @instagramhandle next to their tips as to give them credit for their great ideas-thanks y’all).


  • “…sometime’s it helps setting goals (PRs) or in my case, getting back into something I enjoy…” –@kimorawingard
  • “Switch up your music, find a workout partner, buy some cute workout clothes, this one seems silly but do your makeup before going to the gym so you feel bomb while you’re there” -@christilynnfit
  • “…Try to find a way to easy back into it! Rollerblade, running through a park, tennis, soccer, fun ways to get active” –@monicaevafit
  • “Don’t sweat it. Just keep moving forward. And plan ahead, especially if you know you are going out– find out where and plan your meals accordingly so you can enjoy it” -Max Laing

So there you have it! Some of my tips, as well as some helpful advice i received from others, on how to Defunk A Funk. I am by no means saying that I am back to feeling 100% myself, but i am definitely in a better place than i was a week ago. Once you identify that you aren’t feeling like your usual, motivated self, take a moment and think about why that may be. From there, you can make a conscious effort to implement positive daily changes into your life and finally get out of that rut.

What are some of the ways YOU go about Defunking A Funk? Leave a comment and share your ideas below because i know we could all benefit from these tips. No one feels 100% all the time and we all experience these feelings at one time or another- so let’s help each other out! Also, feel free to leave any ideas you may have for future posts here on the blog.

As always, thanks so much for reading and keep checking back for more,



How to “Do Fitness” and Stick To It

Hello, my beautiful people! Happy Monday! It’s a new day and a new week and this is my time to get back into blogging. (I can do this!) I recently got back from a really great vacation to California and Vegas, worked a few days, and am now getting back into my typical adult-ing responsibilities. Today is my first day off from work, so first on the agenda- this blog post.


Doing “fitness” and still ENJOYING life is possible.

I received a comment  on Instagram, a few weeks back, about how to juggle tracking macros, meal prep,and “doing fitness” while still maintaining a regular life … as well as one’s mental sanity … Honestly, i thought this was a really great question.

So that is what we are going to talk about today- How to do some of the stereotypical fitness things: go to the gym, meal prep, track macros, etc… while still maintaining your mental sanity without getting burnt out.

This post is going to be a lot of tips from my experiences that i believe yall might find helpful… so let’s jump right in.

  • Get rid of the “all or nothing” mentality. You do not have to be 100% all the time with your training and diet to make progress. Just because you cannot track your macros to the T or go to the gym for as long as you would like, does not mean that you just say fu*k it to your diet and skip the gym all together. Let’s say you didn’t plan to go out to eat but all of a sudden you are. You still want to stay “on track” but you also want to enjoy yourself- what do you do? Want a burger? Get the burger but maybe get a side salad instead of french fries. Or maybe choose a lighter entree if you really want dessert. Can’t go to the gym 6 days a week? Start and aim for 3 days. 
  • Schedule fitness in. We all have heard the saying “If it’s important you will find a way, if not- you will find an excuse”. Cliche, yes…but still true. Plan your workout into your day just like you would an appointment with your doctor. Plan to prep your meals for the following day, at night, before you go to bed. Schedule it in and make a point to do what you say you are going to. 
  • Find what works for you. This kind of goes with the above point but i am just going to touch on it again real quick. It is a lot easier to make healthy habits a part of your every day life when you actually ENJOY them and they do not feel like a chore. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing in regards to fitness… do you like yoga? walking? classes? working out with a friend? crossfit? zumba? Whatever you like to do- do that. You will be so much more likely to stick to it if you aren’t forcing yourself to do something you hate. Just because Shannon enjoys lifting weights, does NOT mean that you have to lift weights too. Do you, boo boo… do you.
  • Bring a friend. Make the gym something you can do with a friend. It can give you a chance to socialize and catch up with your friend, and also provide you both some extra accountability. You can use fitness as a chance to bond with your friends by doing something that is active and has a healthy twist… this could be trying a new gym class, going for a hike, riding bikes around town, etc. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and doing it with a friend can help you both reach your goals in a more fun way.
  • Allow yourself flexibility. You do not have to have exceptionally high standards to reach your goals. Be realistic and allow yourself some flexibility and leeway if need be. This could mean giving yourself a macro/calorie range instead of specific numbers to hit. +/- 10g on carbs and protein and +/- 5g on fats could be a good start. This could also mean allowing yourself free, untracked meals or refeed days. This also applies to things or events that don’t happen very often, or special occasions like vacations or trips. It is important that you are enjoying making memories with your friends and families instead of stressing over if you can workout or hitting your macros. Enjoy your time with friends and family, be MINDFUL of your eating habits, enjoy yourself, be active, and make memories. Don’t stress the little things.
  • Change your daily habits. Making small changes in your daily habits can lead to long term results. Instead of drinking beverages that are high in calories, start opting for lower calorie options. Start the day by getting in a good workout, going for a walk on your lunch break or getting into the habit of meal prepping before bed. Eventually, you’ll start doing these things because they are a habit and you won’t have to rely solely on motivation to do them. 
  •  Meal prep essentials. Meal prep can be very beneficial when it comes to eating nutrient dense foods and choosing healthier options instead of reaching for fast food options because you are starving. Personally, i like to prep my proteins in bulk (usually ground turkey and chicken) so they are easy to grab and go. Microwavable/steam fresh vegetables and carbs like rice or pasta can also be a quick and easy meal option. I personally do not like to prep and portion meals for the entire week at one time because i do not find them to stay fresh and taste as great by the time i eat them. But it is super easy for me to grab some bulk protein, throw a steamable bag in the microwave for 4 minutes, measure it out.. and go. If meal prepping all your meals, on Sunday, for the week works for you, thats great. If not, that is great too. Whatever you find works for you, do that. (*If you would like for me to do a separate blog post on Meal Prep How To’s , leave a comment below*)
  • Give journaling a try. You may not see how journaling plays into juggling or creating a fit and healthy lifestyle but mental health can be just as important – and play a large roll- in your physical health as well. A healthier mind —–> a healthier life. I wrote a blog post on Journaling and all it’s benefits a while back so go check that out here
  • Set goals. Whether that be daily goals, or weekly goals, setting goals can be extremely helpful. I personally get a lot of satisfaction from making lists and when i get to cross stuff off and say “i achieved that goal” i know that feels pretty damn good.

Some examples of DAILY GOALS could be: 1) Drink 8 glasses of water a day. 2) Go for a 20 minute walk during my lunch break. 

Some examples of WEEKLY GOALS could be: 1) Hit my macros at least 4 days this week. 2) Go to spin class 2x this week.

It is important to make these goals attainable and realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by knowingly setting your goals and standards too high. Set goals and crush them!

  • Find YOUR balance. So many people shit on (sorry for the expression) the term balance – but i firmly believe that this is what the majority of us need.. balance. We need to find that balance that allows us to be healthy and happy and that is something that looks different for every. single. person. Don’t get caught up on what everyone else is doing.. or what everyone “says” they are doing. Your journey is not their journey. Doing fitness- for you- should be something that you enjoy and are able to maintain.. no extreme diets here. Find what works FOR YOU and do that. Your balance may be hard to find initially, but i promise you, with time and effort, you can find it.

So there you have it. My main tips on how to make fitness a part of your everyday life without going stir crazy. Now, just to reiterate, i am going to ramble a little bit… Haha, get ready– i apologize in advance if this is all over the place. When it comes to doing fitness, it’s important that you are doing it because you want to… not because your doctor is making you, your friend, your boyfriend, whoever… You may not initially love working out, or eating broccoli, but give it a try. I promise that being active and fueling your body with nutrient dense foods will increase your overall well being and help you feel so much better.

“Doing fitness” doesn’t mean that you neglect every other aspect of your life… it doesn’t mean saying “no” every time your friend wants to hangout because you can’t miss a gym session. It doesn’t mean saying “no” to ice cream on your family vacation because you feel like you have to hit your macros. It’s not realistic to say “I am never eating (insert favorite food here)” because you “do fitness now”. You don’t have to eat cake just because it’s there but you can if you want to.. and still reach your goals.  It’s all about finding that balance of fitness and living life that makes you feel happy and healthy… physically and mentally.

I really hope that little ramble made sense lol, but doing fitness and simultaneously living life and being happy is something that i am really passionate about… It’s something that i feel like after a long time, i have finally achieved in myself and i want other people to achieve as well.

How do you “do fitness” and maintain a healthy lifestyle without going crazy or feeling completely unbalanced juggling your life? Leave a comment below with any tips you may have on balancing life and fitness. Has there every been a time in your life where you really struggled or excelled at juggling the two? Leave a comment and share your experience below, i would love to hear your story!

As always, thank you SO much for taking the time to read my blog… i greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to leave any ideas you may have for future blog posts and subscribe to my blog if you are not already.

Talk soon,