5. Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake



Cheesecake Factory Description: Moist layers of Red Velvet Cake and our Original Cheesecake covered with our special Cheesecake Factory cream cheese frosting.

What I Was Working With:

When you order this slice of cheesecake and it gets brought to your table… or in my case taken home after a shift at work in a to-go box, it is definitely an impressive slice of cheesecake. It is a very large piece (probably one of the larger slices available at Cheesecake) and for me, bigger is always better… especially when it comes to baked goods.

Now, I am not particularly a huge fan of red velvet cake… red velvet is ultimately just chocolate cake with red food coloring… *gasp*. (If you didn’t know that, now you do). Don’t get me wrong… i like chocolate..and cake…but red velvet never blew my socks off.

But do not write this cheesecake off just yet. I had the chance to take this dessert home the other night, and i was pleasantly surprised. If you like red velvet cake and cheesecake, i have no doubt that you will enjoy this dessert. It had a very moist and smooth and creamy texture. The cream cheese icing was super delicious and did in fact taste like cream cheese, which is a MUST for me. The white chocolate curls, on the back of the cheesecake, added a slight change in texture to the dessert which i thought added to the dessert as a whole.

Despite red velvet being ultimately, a chocolate cake, this slice did not have an overpowering or super rich chocolatey flavor. I only tasted a hint of chocolate. It was definitely not a super chocolatey cheesecake. If you aren’t a huge fan of chocolate, i could still see you enjoying this dessert.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10.

(Morgan also tried this cheesecake and she said, ” I’d agree with an 8.0. It was pretty solid. Go getchu some, son!”  …. Wow, she’s embarrassing haha).


Overall, i would say this dessert was a great size, super light and moist with a slight chocolatey flavor and a yummy cream cheese icing. If you like red velvet cake and cheesecake, this is a dessert you will very much enjoy.

Give the Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake a try the next time you’re at Cheesecake Factory and let me know your thoughts!

Let’s continue making our Top 3 list of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake favorites… Does this one make the cut?

Until the next slice,