What is #Operation(cheese)CakeGains? Well….let me fill you in on my thoughts.

If you follow me at all, in real life or social media, you KNOW that i am an avid cheesecake lover. Plain cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, fruit cheesecakes, small cheesecakes, big cheesecakes… I LOVE THEM ALL. I do not discriminate.

My favorite restaurant, in turn, is Cheesecake Factory. Shocker, right? Well, funny thing is i just so happened to get a job at the Cheesecake Factory that is near my apartment in New York. (Server dreams do come true haha).

I am also now in my “improvement” season from competing and with that i have a little more flexibility with my food choices…. and that includes EATING (more) CHEESECAKE. As a bikini competitor, a goal this “off season” is to grow the booty…AKA Cake Gains. Pair that with now having UNLIMITED access to the delicious Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes… the timing was perfect for this…. #Operation(cheese)CakeGains…. Eating cheesecake in hopes it goes straight to the glutes!

#Operation(cheese)CakeGains is my journey through the ENTIRE Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake menu and giving you my thoughts and feelings on all 35 slices of cheesecake deliciousness.

Follow me on #Operation(cheese)CakeGains and if you like cheesecake as much as me, i urge you to join in on this delicious challenge as well. I am always up for a challenge and something tells me this won’t be much of a challenge at all. Haha.

#Operation(cheese)CakeGains HERE. I. COME.



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