Liquid Energy: All About Caffeine.

Hello, friends!! Happy Thursday! I just got back from the gym… and let’s just say that workout was less than stellar…oh whale– we all have those days. I got it done though. 200w-13

So the other day, i asked Instagram (if you’re not following me, whatyoudoin?? Go follow me: @ohh_lkelly) what the topic should be of my next blog. Either “All Foods Fit” or Caffeine…

and the winner, by a narrow margin, was CAFFEINE.

So that is today’s topic… Caffeine. What brought up my interest in this topic was the fact that i recently have cut out *almost all* caffeine sources. Now… if you know me… this is A BIG FREAKEN DEAL. I love coffee. LOVE. I love Starbucks, i love pre workout, i love energy drinks. Aka i have a slight addiction. 200w-11

But, about a little over a month ago, i noticed that I was no longer feeling the effects of caffeine. I wasn’t feeling energized, i wasn’t noticing the effects of my pre workout, i was always fatigued… I could have honestly drank a Starbucks Venti Americano (aka like 4-5 shots of espresso) and taken a nap right after… LOL not ideal, folks.

Now, fun fact y’all, caffeine is NOT just found in coffee. It can be found in coffee, tea, sodas, “energy drinks”, fat burners, chocolate, and even some cold/flu medicines, as well.

So in an effort to feel and experience the effects of caffeine once again, i decided to DRASTICALLY cut back on all caffeine sources… except my pre workout. The preworkout i use, helps me sweat at the gym which I NEED… this girl loves to sweat y’all. So except for that, i cut out all regular coffee–  i switched to decaf (which still has a little caffeine), i steered clear of energy drinks and diet sodas with caffeine-and just quit those COLD TURKEY.

And you know what? … I SURVIVED!! I’m pretty surprised too, tbh. You hear a lot of horror stories about people’s experiences when they cut out caffeine- I.E. headaches, irritability, feeling ill or flu like symptoms, etc- and honestly, my symptoms were pretty minimum. I did feel a slight headache the first 2-3 days, but after that, those symptoms went away.

So it has been a little over a month now, and for now, we are going to continue to ride out this low caffeine intake. Even though, I have cut out a lot of my caffeine sources, there is without a doubt MANY benefits to caffeine, such as:


I’m a nicer person when i have coffee 🙂

  • Increased energy.
  • Increases feelings of alertness.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Mental Clarity/Focus.
  • Improves training intensity in the gym.
  • Protect/lower risks of certain diseases.
  • Appetite surpressant.

The recommended daily intake of caffeine appears to be around 300-400 mg of caffeine, per day. (A cup of joe typically has around 100 mg of caffeine, for reference).

TOO MUCH caffeine, on the other hand, can lead to:

  • Restlessness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Headaches.

It is important to remember that everyone has different tolerance levels when it comes to caffeine. You may not feel much from one cup of coffee, while Miss Sally over there could be shakey and overstimulated after half of an energy drink. Those who are older (we are talking grandma and grandpa age), have hypertension, and/or are pregnant/breastfeeding should pay close attention to their caffeine intake and it’s recommended they have <200 mg/day.

*If you are curious about the right/safe amount of caffeine, FOR YOU, specifically- i 10/10 recommend consulting with your physician. I am not a doctor and just wanted to share some information that I found interesting and what I have experienced myself.*

200w-15If you are someone that drinks a lot of coffee, energy drinks, and/or uses a pre workout, take a minute and evaluate exactly HOW MUCH caffeine you are intaking on a daily basis. Ask yourself “How am i feeling? Am i feeling the effects of that cup of joe or am i feeling my pre workout like i have in the past?” If the answer is no, and you are experiencing any of the negative side effects i discussed earlier, maybe it is time to CUT BACK on your caffeine intake. Whether that be for a week or two, a month, you choose to cut out caffeine cold turkey or ween yourself off slowly, i promise it will be worth it.

If you are looking to cut back on your caffeine intake, here are a few suggestions to make the transition a little bit easier:

  • Choose your method. Either ween off caffeine OR cut it out cold turkey. Weening obviously takes a little more time to cut out the caffeine completely but can result in less withdraw symptoms. Cold turkey is a faster alternative but the symptoms can be far more noticeable. Pick your poison.
  • Find an alternative. Whether that be decaf (yes, decaf still has a little caffeine-about 10 mg) or hot tea to help curb those cravings.
  • Load up on macronutrients. Vitamins and minerals  will help your body *feel good* when cutting out caffeine feels less than good.
  • Choose caffeine free alternatives to your go to beverages.
  • Tell people what you’re doing. Coffee is often times a social thing. So letting those around you know that you are not drinking caffeine can eliminate those circumstances where your BFF, Jill buys you your morning cup of joe.
  • Rest. Take naps if possible to help your body feel more recovered.
  • Start on the weekend. You may feel like crap the first few days, so having the day off from work/responsibilities may be ideal when you are feeling crappy, irritable, and have a headache. It’ll give you time to adjust before heading back to “the real world”. IMG_1303

I know that I am not the only one who LOVES caffeine… So leave me a comment and let me know what’s your FAVORITE source of caffeine. How much do you drink daily and tell me if perhaps, you think YOU SHOULD eliminate caffeine for a week or two. OR if you have done a “caffeine detox” – what was your experience?? Any negative symptoms?? Let me know!

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I “cheated”…

Hello, friends! Happy Thursday! I hope y’all have had a great week thus far… My week has consisted of work, work, work *cue Rihanna voice* and more work. Today is finally my day off (before i go back to work all weekend). So I wanted to take some time and talk to you guys about something I have been going through the past week, that I think some of y’all will be able to relate to…

If you didn’t know, I live in New Orleans, LA… and you know what happens in NOLA during the month of February? Two words… Mardi Gras. Yup, Mardi Gras. King cake, king cake donuts, more king cake, drinks, drinks, and more drinks. Parties, balls, parades, more parades… and beads. Lots of beads… and more drinks.


Let’s rewind real quick…… Back in January, I started working with my coach again. (Hi, Coach Eric!). So, since January i had been working with my coach. I have been more diligent tracking my macros, drinking alcohol less, eating out less… just being more aware of what I am putting into my body and more consistent on a daily basis. And i pride myself on that. I like doing what I am told to do. I like following my coaches plan to-a-tee. If i am going to be paying someone to give me nutrition advice, I am going to follow it, no problem.

And i had been doing that… until Mardi Gras.

YUP.. i cheated.

I cheated on my diet. I cheated on my plan.

How did I do that? Personally, i “celebrated” Mardi Gras two different days. On Thursday… and again on Sunday. I went to parades. I drank. And i drank some more. I ate Cane’s chicken tenders while I was intoxicated. I stayed up late. On Sunday, i had District donuts to start my day (ya’ll know, i love district donuts… YUM) and then i refueled later in the day with some Juan’s Flying Burrito. Throw some more drinks in the mix and that pretty much sums up my diet on those two days… A hell of a lot of carbs, a hell of a lot of fats, not that much protein, and a lot of alcohol.

Now, this wasn’t a “binge.” I didn’t eat until i felt sick. I didn’t use being drunk as an excuse to eat everything in sight. This was a choice. I knew that Mardi Gras was coming up. I knew that i didn’t want to be “dieting” during Mardi Gras. I told my coach this in advance… I knew I wanted to enjoy myself, drink, spend time with my friends, WITHOUT worrying about hitting my macros… and i did. I enjoyed myself and Mardi Gras was a lot of fun.

It is easy to get caught up in feeling “guilty” or stressing out when you know you didn’t “follow the plan”. I get it, I do. I used to be a lot worse with this but that doesn’t mean i still don’t question myself when i don’t hit my macros or “don’t follow the plan” or whatever the f*ck you want to call it. So if you ever feel this way, just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Monday morning when i woke up, after the Mardi Gras festivities, I didn’t feel my best … not going to lie lol. I felt slightly hungover, thirsty, bloated, watery…. I’m sure someone reading this can relate. But you know what i didn’t do? I DIDN’T STEP ON THE SCALE. I highly recommend not weighing yourself the day after you “go off plan” or what have you. That number is going to be high(er) than the previous numbers because of a) going out to eat b) sodium c) water retention … a lot of reasons… so don’t psych yourself by thinking you gained 10 lbs over night, when in reality the majority of that is water weight. You did NOT gain 10 lbs over night by having a few drinks and eating a quesadilla and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with your friends… Trust me on this.

So, i didn’t weigh myself. I didn’t weigh myself on Monday. I didn’t weigh myself on Tuesday either. On Wednesday, i did. And i won’t lie, when i stepped on that scale I was a little nervous and all these thoughts rushed into my head…. “Oh, no… what is the scale going to say? What if the # is up like 5 lbs more than last time? What if i completely undid the little bit of progress i had accomplished? What is my coach going to say? *Insert other crazy thoughts here*….

Well y’all, let me just say that those thoughts were in fact…CRAZY. The scale was up 1 lb. from my lowest weigh in and not even half a lb. higher than my average… I was (kinda) stressing out … FOR. NO. REASON!!

I didn’t undo all of my handwork the past few weeks just because i went out, drank, and made memories with my friends. Mardi gras happens once a year and i made the choice to “not track, cheat, go off plan”- whatever- and I am okay with that and it’s so called consequences… And those consequences?? Were nothing substantial to begin with ! Lol.

Some of you may read this post and think.. she’s just trying to convince herself that it’s okay to get drunk and eat like crap… ok…. no, that’s not what I’m doing. I just want people to know that IT’S OKAY to enjoy events and parties with your friends without being tied down by numbers. IT”S OKAY to drink and not track everything you put into your body every single day. IT”S OKAY to choose to live your life and NOT feel guilty for doing so.

Consistency is the key to everything. Are you consistently making choices that make you feel good on the inside and out? Are you making healthy choices, eating your vegetables, and drinking plenty of H20? If yes, than one day of “going off plan” isn’t going to hinder your progress. You can still make progress and reach your goals without being rigid 25/8.

I would also like to say that i keep using the word “cheat” when i talk about eating out of my norm routine… and actually, I HATE THIS WORD. It’s not a “cheat meal” … it’s not “cheating”… Cheating has a negative connotation to it. It makes it sound like i did something wrong or that I’m doing something bad… and I AM NOT. AND YOU’RE NOT EITHER. There are no “good” or “bad” foods. There’s only food. It’s not cheating, it’s simply eating. IMG_3301

Can anyone relate to what I am saying? If yes, how so? Have you ever experienced guilt when you went off your plan? If so, i would love to share your experience in the comment section below. 

This is a topic that i have thought about the past few days since I experienced it with Mardi Gras and I wanted to share my thoughts and rambles with all of you. If you have ever questioned if you should’ve “drank this or ate that” just know that you are not alone!! I refuse to let myself feel guilty for making memories with my friends, drinking, and having fun when I am consistently making healthy choices that make me feel good on a regular basis.

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post and if you have any topics that you’d like me to ramble about in the future, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks so much for reading my post and keep checking back for more.





Recent* Favorites

Hello, my beautiful people! I hope you all are having a wonderful day thus far. I am proud to say that I have been UBER productive today… I updated my coach, went to the gym, went to the store, cleaned the apartment, filled out some paperwork because adulting, AND now I am sitting down to blog. Way to go, Lauren!

Today’s topic is one I have done previously on this blog… Monthly Favorites! 200-71

These blog posts are always super fun and easy to write about AND i haven’t done one in a minute. I am going to call this “Recent* Favorites” instead of January Favorites because to be honest, these have been some of my favorites for the past few months… It’s no surprise that I have been awful when it comes to blogging. (I am a work in progress, okay?)  These will be some of my favorite finds for the past few months all piled into one blog post. Let’s just get right to it…

  1. 27604868_10159862451810075_958464684_o.jpgHalo Top Gingerbread. This recommendation alone should tell you how long i have wanted to write a Monthly Favorites blog post… for about uhhh, 3 months now. I am pretty sure however, that you can still find this at grocery stores since it is a seasonal flavor… it’s probably even on sale! Win! If you can find it, this flavor is theBOMB.COM. Macros-minus sugar alcohols- are 3.5F/11C/5P per serving. It has a good gingerbread flavor and i loved the icing swirls that are thrown in. At first, i was a little thrown off by the icing swirls, but once i realized what it was i was like “Yes, i can dig it”. Some pints have more icing than others, but here’s hoping you grab the icing filled pint. No, this isn’t “real” ice cream but for “macro friendly” or “dieting” ice cream, halo top is legit. If you are new to trying Halo Top, make sure you let your pint sit out and defrost before digging in- it’s 100x more enjoyable that way.
  2. California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizzas. My favorites? The Garlic Chicken Thin Crust and the White Pizza… both tasty AND macro friendly. Most pizzas are super high fat but these are super macro friendly… FOR THE ENTIRE PIE. Macros for the entire thing… Garlic Chicken: 24F/96C/48P and the White Pizza: 33F/96C/39P. I wouldn’t consider this a “diet food” and even for half of the pizza, it’s a good size portion. Obviously it is a thin crust and not a stuff crust with massive amounts of cheese and dough, but it’s still a yummy pizza. I have enjoyed CA pizza kitchen pizzas several times the past few months and if you haven’t tried them, i would 10/10 recommend. I have found these at Rouses, Target, and even Walmart. (Side note: I also tried the BBQ Chicken pizza… it was not as good as the two listed above, so try those ^ first). 
  3. Monin Brand Sugar Free White Chocolate Syrup. If you know me, you know that i 27535879_10159866532785075_1812858697_oam OBSESSED with Starbucks. Well recently, i have branched out and tried another coffee chain close by called PJs. What caught my attention was their SF White Chocolate syrup… like HELLO, doesn’t that sound delicious?? Well it is, and lucky for me, they sell it at home so you can make delicious white chocolate coffee at home. WIN. This syrup is an easy way to add flavor and and sweetness to coffee without the added calories. I also think it’s great for my sweet tooth and when I’m craving something sweet. There are 3C per serving.. which i won’t track. Servings are 30mL which is a big serving so i don’t even use that much at a time. I put my syrup in a bottle with a pump so it’s easier to add to coffee in the morning and you don’t accidentally pour in too much. Anyway, super yummy and it makes my coffee taste like a latte. I am hooked. As i said, i bought mine at PJ’s but you could probably find this online as well. 
  4. G. Hughs Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. I have been searching high and low for this low 27537400_10159866532865075_635837106_ocarb bbq sauce and I have finally found it y’all. Whoo hoo. I found mine at Rouses (clearly i need to head back and buy more, because as you can see in the photo… i am almost out. gah) but this brand has SF original, hickory, honey, and maple brown sugar bbq sauce. I have been using the hickory and it is legit. This is great when you are dieting and want the taste of bbq sauce without all the added calories and carbs that are in a regular bbq sauce. Most bbq sauces have about 15c per serving, and this only has 2c per serving! Dieting win! This sauce adds flavor and you can literally put it on everything. I have been putting it on chicken, quesadillas, dipping my roasted veggies in it… the possibilities are endless! 
  5. Muscle Milk Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Bars. I typically like to promote eating real, nutrient dense foods but i cannot deny the convenience of protein bars for when time are busy and you need something quick and easy. These bars are 6F/22C(11C when you subtract sugar alcohols)/15P… and they taste delicious… just like a peanut butter cookie. These are one of my favorite peanut  butter flavored bars that I’ve tried so far. Some protein bars leave me craving more sweets or leave me with a weird protein aftertaste and these do not.. quick and easy and delicious for when I’m in a hurry or don’t have time for a large meal and need a quick snack, 10/10 recommend. I found mine at Target, but they also sell them at places like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. 

Other random mentions: 


  • Wireless Headphones. I used to think wireless headphones weren’t worth the cost…
    boy was i wrong. I bought the Jaybird-Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones in gold and I am obsessed. $74.95 on Amazon. It’s so much easier to workout when you don’t have to stick your phone in your sports bra. If you have been thinking in purchasing some wireless headphones, this is your sign to do it. So worth it!
  • Sleep Tip. Up until about last week, I would listen to 27605669_10159866532900075_1988577060_oToday’s Country Hits on Pandora to fall asleep. Sometimes i would be too busy listening to the words, singing along, and changing the songs on the station to actually fall asleep. This past week, I have been listening to “Nature Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation…” instead and It has been a GAME CHANGER. It’s super relaxing and i feel like i fall asleep a lot faster. It’s just so soothing and peaceful which is kinda the point when you’re trying to catch some zzzzs. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try listening the sounds of rain and ocean waves to help you sleep… SHOUTOUT to @mbkellyy for this idea because i walked in on her trying to sleep and heard the sound of the ocean lol so thank you Morgan! Haha.
  • 27535986_10159862451820075_318952723_oH&M Crop Tops. Not sure the details of these crop tops, price or exact name, but they are legit.. Super cute, super crop, and great for working out.. or not. They are less than 5 bucks and come in an array of colors: white, black, orange, sage green, to name a few. I am all for cute gym clothes on a budget and H&M has got you covered. I bought these several months ago so I’m not sure if they are still there, but it’s definitely worth checking out. 
  • Favorite Snack. I am a creature of habit so i eat the same things on a daily basis usually. The one snack that i CANNOT get enough of lately is:

2 Tomato Basil Rice Cakes

Smashed Avocado (don’t forget the salt and pepper on top)

Deli Fresh  Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast 27605385_10159866644250075_727585055_o

this combo is FIRE. I literally crave it everyday. A good combination of fats, carbs, and protein and it’s super tasty. If you’re looking for any easy, go to snacks… give this combo a try. 

There ya have it! Some of my favorites for the past few months. I am sure I forgot a few things I love but i think it’s always important to try new things. You may not like everything you try, but you’ll never know if you don’t give them a shot.

What are some of your favorites for the past month or two? Foods? Recipes? Makeup? Workout clothes? Whatever it is, SHARE in the comments so I can give them a try, as well! 

I want to thank y’all for taking the time to read my blog. Please be sure that you are following my blog (click that Subscribe button on the right hand side of your screen if you aren’t already) and keep checking back for more… I promise there’s a lot of great content coming your way. XO

Talk soon,